If forgiveness and acceptance are always there in our heart, then it will always be easy for us to smile again no matter how it hurts.

But that doesn't apply to her who suffered the sullied heartbreak in her life.

She gave her entire love to him, but he gave her suicide. She sacrificed but got nothing in return. She became miserable but no one attempted to help. She forgot her life because of love but everything was just a LIE.

Until one day, she left and promised to come back. She realized that love doesn't exist and relationship must be taken frivolously.

She wants revenge. Revenge that no one expects her to do. A vindictive vengeance that would hurt others' feelings. Those people who gave true love but she just dumped and didn't bother to turn back.

She got the fame and wealth. She became cold-hearted and brat. She gets what she wants except one thing...his LOVE.

Does her feeling come back when the man she's longing to have returns? Does everything she did to her life turns nothing because of HIM?

Or she'll end up hating her sullied past and another LOVE will exist with another MAN she'll meet?

A story of betrayal, vengeance and romance.

Never stop yourself to fall in love even fate contravenes because you'll regret the times you cease yourself loving someone if he/she founds someone else.


Hello... Sorry for those who have seen the previous characters I've put and for the cover. I made a change coz I find it not so good 'partner'. I just realized how stupid I am to do it. Haha!!!

Thank you for those who read, reading and will read. Vote and comment please!

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