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Cameron's POV

I was watching TV when an advert for Augusta Adoption Agency came on. I saw many children looking really miserable and I had been feeling lonely these past few days even though I have the guys so I decided to go and adopt a child.
"Guys, I'm going to adopt a child, who's coming?"
"Me!" Shawn, Matt and Nash yelled while jumping up and running to my Corvette and getting in after I unlocked it. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone and keys and I got in and we set off to the adoption agency. When we got there, we were greeted by someone called Michelle.
"Can we look at the 10-13 year olds please?" I asked.
"Yes of course but there are only 2 kids in that catagory but go ahead." She said, bringing the files. I opened it up and the first child caught my eye because she had bright blue eyes like Nash's and waist length hair that was naturally ombré.
"This is the one."
"Ok, let me go get her."

Cheyenne's POV

Let me introduce myself: My name is Cheyenne Ella Dolan, I am 12 years old and I am obsessed with Austin Mahone and I am not shy.

This place is horrible, I have no friends except Michelle and this girl called Eleanor-Rose who is 16 and I don't share a room because there is only one other child in my age category and they were a boy and boys only share with boys.I was snapped out of my thoughts by Michelle telling me to pack because someone was here to adopt me. I was so excited! I packed my stuff and went downstairs only to see Cameron, Shawn and Nash. I screamed in delight and turned to Michelle who was smiling down at me then she whispered:
"Go hug them" I nodded and then went and gave them a hug. Cameron signed the papers and off we went to Cameron's home. When we got home all of Magcon were there and we had a welcome home party.
"Cheyenne?" Shawn asked me.
"Do you like my songs?"
"I'm a big fan so yeah." Just then the doorbell rang, Nash opened the door and two people walked in. I turned round facing them because I knew who they were. I heard the door shut and I ran and jumped into their arms.
"Ethan,Gray,I missed you!" I said.
"We missed you too sis" This brought tears to my eyes.
"I thought you'd forgot about me!" I whispered.
"When mom and dad died and you went into the orphanage, we didnt leave the house for a month, the Jacks had to drag us out." They whispered back. I hugged them and heard a camera click and let go awkwardly. Gray and Ethan's phone went off and they laughed at the picture that Nash had posted.
"Hey, Can I have a phone?"
"Sure, lets go!" Cam said. We drove to the Apple store and bought me a rose gold Iphone 6S with a Magcon phone case.

 We drove to the Apple store and bought me a rose gold Iphone 6S with a Magcon phone case

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When I got back home I set up instagram, snapchat, twitter and a youtube account.
I was @CheyenneeDallas for Insta,
Cheyyydallas22 for snapchat,
@CheyenneDallassss for twitter and
CheyenneDallas and CheyenneDallasVlogs for youtube.
(Sorry if any of the above are real)
I plugged my phone into my charger next to my bed and went downstairs to where the boys were. They were eating and making Vines but when they saw me they all immediately stopped and froze.
"Why did everyone freeze?" I asked.
"W-we need to ask you about something." Cam said slowly.
"Ok, spill."
"We want you to come to Magcon with us..."

Word count: 624

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