Aana’s POV.

“Oh my God, did that really just happen? That was the cutest!” I grinned.

“No, he just felt bad because he was being an arrogant idiot.” Gabby replied. We all know she thought it was cute. It was frustrating to know she’s never going to see him again. Her face was straight but you could see the minimal amounts of emotion displayed. I was a hopeless romantic so for me to watch them two was making me want to set them up myself. They looked so cute together. He was only three years older.

“HURRY UP IDIOTS, EVERYONE ELSE IS ALREADY CHANGED AND BREAKS ABOUT TO START WHICH MEANS NO BLOODY COOKIES!” Lottie screamed. I pulled out my phone and she was right, we literally had two minutes to get changed. We stormed through the doors, which if I may say so myself, are very heavy. The changing rooms were half empty with the occasional person scattered around the room. Sweat and the smell of damp erupted as we reached the benches. Break started at 10:50 so that’s when the classes got out and tuck got busy. Our school did the best cookies, only good thing about it really but they sold out in minutes so it was like a race against time to try and get one. I quickly grabbed my shirt before stopping abruptly.

 “Hey guys, how you loving my bra today?” I smirked, pulling my strap up and shooting a pose.

I listened to the responses and laughed. They normally range from “you make me sick” to “ooo that’s a nice bra!” I quickly threw on the rest of my uniform and zipped up my blue duffle bag. I think I had a slight obsession with bras. My friends knew so they normally just ignored me. Gabby joined in. I chuckled and looked around for my shoes. Now, where are my bloody shoes? I dropped to the ground on all fours, scrambling around to find my black loafers. In the shower, seriously? Who even does that?

“Aana, that’s your favourite position right?” Gabby grinned, walking out with Lottie. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my bag, making my way outside. The clouds were grey and it was it was pissing down with rain. Not to mention it was freezing cold.

“AAANA, AAAAAAANA, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANA!!!” As much as I do think I’m going crazy, somebody was definitely calling me. Like you do, I stood up, climbing onto the bench, looking around. I couldn’t see anybody. Turning back, I was faced with a laughing Lottie and an angry looking Gabby.

“Whoa, what happened?” I coughed, letting out a little chuckle at Gabby’s expression.

“This happened.” Her tiny hands were clutching her blue Samsung and shoving it in my face. I didn’t get the big problem at first. It was just a number in the call log. I glanced up, meeting her gaze but she just stared at me like I was stupid. Raising my eyebrow, I looked at Lottie but again nothing.

“You did this!” Gabby screamed.  OK, normally it was me that does things but this time it wasn’t. Although, I still wasn’t sure what had happened. I was just about to ask, when the ‘other one’ turned up.

“Heeeey guys, what’s going on? How was P.E?” Oh, she had no idea.

“Hey Ron, how was Cello?” slightly giggling at the fact she actually went to cello lessons.

“Ah, pretty average. What’s wrong with Gabby?”

“I don’t know, apparently I did something.” I turned to Gabby again, waiting for her to inform me of what it was I had done.

“Normally it is you…”

“Thanks Ron.” I smiled, showing off the sarcasm.

“Sooo…” I looked back at Gabby, demanding answers with my eyes.

“You called this stupid random guy from my fucking phone and now whoever the hell it is, is ringing me and won’t freaking stop!”

I laughed abit and looked at Lottie and Ronnie who were just smiling. This was seriously not me. Her cheeks were flushed and her body was so tense it was shaking.

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