Whispered Love

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No one ever sees

No one ever cares

So why is it everytime

I make a mistake

All I hear is complant

My life is for me

It matters who I am

But when I see you

I don't understand

How can man be so fluad

But your face is perfection

How can you treat me so bad

When I worship your every word

I love you today

But I'll hate you tomorrow

When I'm gone

People will whisper my name

Whisper my tale

Whisper of a girl

A girl who messed up

A girl who was never perfect

But one thing she had

One thing no other girl could have

A secret so deep

A whisper of love

My love for you they'll say

Was stronger that day

Than ever before.

My tale will end there

With you in the wings

Whispering my tale





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