Friday finally came around.

I watched, amused, as clothes covered every inch of Allie’s bedroom floor, sprawled all over her bed…and even rotating on the fan.

Allie collapsed onto her bed and covered her face as she let out a scream in frustration, “Chloe! I have nothing to wear!”

“Have a cry.”

She moved her hands away and glared at me, “You’re supposed to help me!”

I laughed and got up, straightening my dress and walking over to her almost empty closet. Rummaging through her clothes, I sighed when nothing really grabbed my attention.

“Do you want to borrow one of my outfits?”

Allie looked devastated, “There’s no time! It’s almost five and I haven’t even done my make up yet.”

“You mean, I haven’t done your make up yet.” I corrected with a grin.

“I think I’m going to cry.”

I laughed at her and shoved her playfully, “Don’t be silly! You’re supposed to have fun tonight. Aren’t you happy I found such a cute guy for you, Allie Ballie?”

Allie sighed, her eyes looked hesitant, “Chloe, he’s gorgeous. I can’t believe he agreed to go on a blind date. He’s going to regret it so much once he takes a look at me.”

My mouth opened in surprise as I gaped at her. How could she think that? Allie was beautiful in the most natural way. I averted my gaze, feeling overwhelmed whenever someone puts themselves down. It hurt me how girls always have so many insecurities, no matter how many times you tell them they’re perfect, just the way they are.

Something shined in the mirror, making me turn around and search for it. Under a whole pile of clothes Allie had carelessly thrown around, my eyes caught sight of a gold material. I pulled the material out from under the stack and examined the pretty cute gold skirt.

“Not if I can help it!” I smirked at her, holding up the short metallic skirt. “Do you have a black top to go with?”

Allie crossed her arms, “Chloe, I’m not wearing that.”

I scoffed at her, “Yeah, you are.”

We argued a little more. She was dead set that she wanted nothing to do with the little miniskirt and I was determined to make her look sexy in the most elegant way.

We had a vote. Allie voted no and I voted yes.

So obviously I won.

Half an hour later, we both had our eyes locked in front of the mirror. Allie looked at herself in disbelief and admiration, she brought her hand up and touched her face; as if she wondered if it was all true and happening.

The girl in the mirror reflected her every move, confirming that it was her.

“You look amazing.” I told her honestly, my smile never leaving my face.

I had Allie’s long cherry red hair curled to the side where a single braid was pinned to make it look like a headband, I had her take off her nerdy glasses and wear contacts for tonight, so that I could apply as much mascara as I wanted to make her blue eyes stand out and captivate you.

I didn’t want Allie wearing too much make up because she already had her natural beauty, so I applied a little bit of pink lip gloss and covered her freckles with a light layer of foundation.

Lastly, I had her wear that sexy gold skirt, which hugged her curves in all the right places, it was short enough for her long pale legs to attract a boy’s eye, and it definitely covered enough to leave plenty for the imagination.

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