Drifting Part 3.

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The day of the gala.....

Today was the gala and we were all excited and super nervous for it. I was a little upset Y/n couldn't be with me but she's doing what she loves and I just have to support even though I want her here with me calming  my nerves down. I heard my phone go off making me smile once I saw the caller. The girls and I were busying getting ready at Ken's place for the gala.

Hailey:"Hey babe...."I said smiling at her making her smile back.

Y/n:"Hello, my love"She said making me blush and the girls smirk at me.

Kendall:"Hey Y/n/n"She said making Y/n's smile brighten.

Y/n:"I'm guessing the girls are there"She said making them all stand behind me and smile. She smiled back"How's all my girls?"She asked making us all smile back.

Kylie:"We're good....how's our superstar?"She asked making Y/n chuckle and smile.

Y/n:"I'm doing well....."She said. She had a sparkle in her eyes making me smile and stare at her for a while.

Gigi:"How's London?"She asked making Y/n smile even bigger.

Y/n:"Its going good...the songs are already trending everywhere and the music video is going well"She said making us all nod.

Bella:"So you're not gonna give us hints for the music video?"She asked making Y/n chuckle and shake her head.

Y/n:"Sorry girls but nope"She said popping the p"Its a surprise"She said making us all pout but nod.

Hailey:"How's song writing going?"I asked making her chuckle and shrug.

Y/n:"Not doing much.....Payton and I are busy exploring London and working on the music video"She said making me nod.

Kendall:"Relax Hails....she's not looking at other girls"She said making me blush and Y/n chuckle.

Y/n:"Why would I even look at another girl when I have the most beautiful and amazing one already"She said making me blush even more.

Kylie:"Do you ever stop flirting?"She asked making Y/n chuckle and shake her head.

Y/n:"Its in my nature Ky....plus her reactions make it worth it"She said making me blush even more.

Hailey:"Oh my god...."I mumbled making them all laugh"babe I probably look like a tomato"I said making her nod and rest her head on her hand.

Y/n:"You do but its looks cute princess"She said making me blush again. This girl!

Gigi:"You saw the dress?"She asked making Y/n smirk and nod while I looked down trying to hide my blush. Oh she saw it....and whats under it.

Y/n:"Speaking of the dress princess......I left a surprise for you in backpack"She said making me look at her confused"Ken...do you have it?"She asked making Kendall nod and grab it.

Kendall:"Yeah, here"She said handing me the backpack. I looked at Y/n confused while she smiled like an idiot. A cute idiot.

Y/n:"Inside you'll find a black square box...open it"She said making me nod hesitantly. I opened the backpack and pulled out the box making her smile bigger and the girls just look at her confused"Open it!"She said excitedly. I giggled and opened it making the girls and I gasp.

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