A Tale Of Two Idiots.

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Narrator-It was a warm breezy morning in the villiage of Itekuru. The wind was blowing around dust from the sandy roads.  The sun was rising and the cocks were crowing.  Many trees were happily dancing.  Farmers were getting ready to go to the farm.  Their wives ready to either accompany them, start their wively duties or yell at the children to get up.

***The story starts in the household of Mazi Mbakwe

Mazi wakes up, stretches and takes his chewing stick.  He starts chewing it.  He carries the bench from the hut he and his wife shares and places it outside.

Mazi Mbakwe(man of the house, has a chieftancy..that's why he is called mazi): okotobulu! (clears throat)....okotobulu.  Where is this woman? eh?

Okotobulu(mazi's fat wife grumpily awakes, walks outside and hisses): ogini?(what?) What do you want this man(she rolls her eyes at him and tries to walk away)

Mazi Mbakwe: oh oh oh...so it has now come to this eh?

Okotobulu: yes mbakwe, it has come to do this

Mazi Mbakwe: eeeehhh thunder gbue eba (may thunder strike you down there)

Okotobulu: It is you and your forefathers that thunder will strike down...you this man, you are looking for my trouble oh, leave me alone....your mates are going to the farm and your here insulting your wife.(okotobulu warns him and walks away).

Mazi Mbakwe(laughs and says to himself): Which wife? My wife is long gone....she's been replaced by a cow.

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