Insecure (707/Saeyoung/Luciel Choi x M!Reader)

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Requested by: Miyuu-chan_out


Seven didn't feel good enough for (y/n)'s love. He felt as if he needed someone better than him. Someone who doesn't conceal their feelings, or someone who dismisses it every time it's brought up. Tears were brimming in his eyes, he wanted to tell these feelings to someone, or at least to (y/n). Seven just wants (y/n) to be... happy. Is (y/n) happy? Or is he just lying.

(y/n) is truly happy with Seven. But Seven thought he wasn't good enough. Maybe Saeran could be a better lover than Seven. Saeran is interested in (y/n), though he has no intention on courting him. Seven just extremely anxious to be rejected and all. Now all of this is getting to his head, he's being more cautious with his hacking.

He's starting to fail and all. (y/n) would encourage him to do better. Though Seven couldn't, he needed to be held and to be cradled. Where was this coming from? Seven wasn't like this before, or could it be... His mother, and thinking about all of those times. Or was he getting cold feet? Seven did propose to his lover. Cold feet when he proposed? It's strange at the thought though that could be it.

"Are you sure you want to marry a loser like me?" He would ask to (y/n).

"Saeyoung please, you're not a bad person. Of course I would marry you, I do." He smiled as he placed a kiss on his cheek, "Please don't be so dramatic. I want you to be happy. I don't know what causing all of this, but... Believe me, I want to marry you."

Seven smiled as tears trickled down his face. Sobs escaped from his mouth. He pulled (y/n) into a hug and sobbed into his chest. Seven's desk chair was making some noises. Thought the (h/c) haired male didn't care. He ran fingers through his hair and continued to speak kind words to his lover. He made Seven look up at him. He sat on his lap and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Seven kissed back and pulled away, "I love you, I'm glad that I have you..."

(y/n) smiled and pinched his cheek, "You're my special astronaut... I'm glad you landed in my heart."

Seven took off his glasses and groaned. He closed his eyes, he rubbed (y/n)'s back. (y/n) kissed his cheek and got off of him. Seven sighed and placed his glasses back on. (y/n) kissed his forehead and made his way to another part of the house.

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