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This story is for AnalynAlcantara.

Your P.O.V.

           I walked down the hall of Beacon academy. I was leaving school and heading to my job. Where do I work? Of course at the best clothing store ever. I was so happy working there. From the pay check, to the manager, to the customers. But thing I loved the most was a girl who always showed up, everyday, without fail. She was from Beacon but I've never seen her in any of my classes, so I don't know her name.

           Today was the day I was going to find out though. Once I got outside the academy I made a full sprint to the story. Before I knew it I was standing outside the big building labeled, 'Trader Maker'. I never understood the meaning of the name, but it sure was cool. I walked in and checked in so I would get paid for today. I smiled and got dressed in my uniform and just in time, too. Customers started piling in. One after another they slowly started picking up outfits and putting them on and coming up to the cash register. After what felt like 100 years pasted by the store was once again empty.

           I looked down at the register and frowned thinking,"Did I miss her while I was distracted?" I sighed heavily and leaned back closing my eyes. All of a sudden I heard the door squeak open and the little bell on the door chimed. I looked up and my eyes widened. It was her. The beautiful brown haired girl. This time she had a friend with her. I recognized her friend. It was Velvet. She was in a few of the same classes as me. We would hang out everyday at lunch. I would also get the Cardin kid away from her.

           Velvet easily spotted me behind the counter and walked up to me, "Hey (y/n), how are you?" She was so happy and loved seeing her like this. I always treated her like my little sister.

          I simply smiled and nodded, "I'm doing good how are you?"

          At this Velvet lit up, "I'm here with my friend and team leader Coco. She's here to see if the shirt she wants is in yet. She's been waiting for about a month and I tagged along because I knew you worked here!"

          Velvet was truely something else. So her name was Coco. I looked up from Velvet and saw Coco looking down at me. I'm merely 5'4"and she was at least 6'. I jumped back slightly and watched her as she placed a black shirt infront of me. I swiped the item over the scanner and let her pay for it.

          She was about to take it when Velvet spoke up  laughing, "Oh this will be fun!" She took  of Coco's jacket that she had on considering it was so cold out and took off running and soon disappeared. I walked out from behind the counter and headed to the back of the store with Coco following closely behind.

-Coco's P.O.V.-

          I had always admired the girl at 'Trader Maker'. She was beautiful with her (h/c) and those (e/c) eyes. She was enchanting. As I followed her to the back of the store. She turned the corner and when I turned I could no longer see her. I decided to to wait for her and looked around the store admiring the quiet peace. 

          I was lost in a trance until I felt something soft and light touch my shoulder. I turned and saw that (y/n) was smiling up at me and handed me a jacket, "I'm sorry I don't have anymore money to pay for that". 

         "That's fine. I wasn't going to make you buy it anyways. Take it. It's cold out there," she chirped up. I slowly and regretfully took the jacket and slide it around my shoulders.

         I turned to her, "Thank you (Y/n)". She nodded at me and I left the store, but once I got back to my room I turned around and went back.

-Your P.O.V.-

         I checked out of the store ending my shift. It had gotten dark out and it was snowing. I went to the back and got my stuff. Well everything except my jacket. I smiled at the thought of Coco thanking me for giving it to her. I was going to be freezing on the way back but I was happy so that's all that matters.

         I stepped out into the cold and immediately shivered. I started walking away and started hearing footsteps. Before I could turn around I felt something soft touch my shoulders. Once I was looking at who it was I saw that it was Coco and she had my jacket around me. 

        "Thank you" I murmur. She hugged me and when she felt how cold I was she gripped me tighter. I smiled nuzzling into her and once I was finished I felt a spark as our bodies fit perfectly together.

        I looked up and saw that she was staring down at me. She must have felt it too. She started leaning down and kissed me softly and we stayed there in the cold winter night happily walking back to Beacon.

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