Chapter 4: Rainbow stars

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A/N Sorry if this is a bit rough C: i'll get around to correcting errors and stuff later, i just wanted to get this posted ^u^


Yess, I decided Ian Somerhalder is going to be Demyan, did you know thats him in the cover XD? weird how things work out!



I stared at him as if he was glowing, which in my mind was a pretty valid argument, seeing as his usual passive face and cool guy frown appeal was virtually gone. Morphed into a straight, white, pearly smile. I stared trying to trace this angelic appearance into my mental etch-a-sketch. This obvious staring of mine seemed to swipe the smile off of his face and transform it into a malice laced smirk, his eyes narrowed.

“Didn’t your mama ever teach you staring is bad?”

Demyan purred to me making me whip my head to face the window. Even then as he stared at me in my reflection in the window I wasn’t gone of the embarrassment. My face was burning.

Demyan focused his attention back on the road.

“So you said your name was Chenoa?”


“…hmmm interesting.”

I shot a glare at him

“If your gonna say something then say it,” I growled.

He chuckled at me.

“Different…why is everything about you so….different”

He looked me over again with those piercing green eyes that I could just get lost in, how they were framed by those dark lashes that would be the envy of any female. His high cheekbones so defined, they could cut a diamond. They were only second to the definition of his jawbone, even with only slight stubble the definition was prominent.

“You’re staring again.”

I let out a ‘eep’ and shifted my gaze. I knew at that moment this man was going to be bad for my health. He chuckled.

“We are here.”

I looked out the window and gasped. So beautiful!

The sky was dark but the light bulbs strewn on wire lit up the ticket booth and the streets leading every which way, there was lights gleaming of every color like rainbow stars. As I got out of the car in a daydream, the smell of funnel cakes wafted around me inviting me further into the abyss of rainbow lights and delighted screams of children on adrenaline rushing rides. Demyan lead me to the ticket booth, and paid for two tickets. The excitement of this great place rushed through me and I knew my smile must have been as bright as the rainbow stars.

“Chenoa, come on.”

I looked back to Demyan who waited for me at the entrance. I smiled and nodded rushing over to him as fast as I could in the high-heels-from-hell. He looked at the heels with distaste.

“Why did you wear something you can’t even walk in?”

Pouting I stopped and looked down at the heels from hell.

“It’s not my fault! My friend made me wear them!!”

I pathetically shot back he raised his eyebrow in amusment.

“So what your saying is you somehow find a way to have ALL these comebacks to defend your pride against everything I say but then when your friend forces you to wear some shoes you can't find one cleaver way out of it...hmm”

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