The House Elf

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Perhaps it was a good time to begin the journey back through the forest once the sun was beginning to sink into the horizon. y/n found herself on the banks of a quaint stream, perfectly fine listening to the trickling of the water as it continued on its predestined path to the ocean. It was a rather hot day in Ingatestone and so she had spent most of her time wading through the creek and reading a new book that had found its way into her hands after an adventure into her library.

After turning the final page of "Sonnets of a Sorcerer", y/n packed the book into her rucksack and bid the stream farewell, but not before almost trodding on a lime green snake that was slithering by. y/n fell down trying to avoid stepping on the serpent and was preparing to be struck, but the snake just looked at her, dead in the eyes. Not with anger, not with fear, it just, looked at her. y/n couldn't take her eyes of the creature. It had raised its head and the first third of its body to be at the same eye level as y/n. She swallowed nervously and nodded to the serpent, kind of a way of saying "thanks for not biting me". What surprised her even more, was that the snake bowed its head in response, before slithering away into the forest. How peculiar, must be a magical snake. After that little encounter. y/n was ready for a warm cup of tea and some dinner to finish what had been a nice relaxing day. She could only get some peace if she left the manor.

After the events at the end of her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Dumbledore saw it fit to send an owl to her grandmother informing her of what happened between her, Harry and Quirrell. Needless to say, there wasn't a minute where she wasn't being fussed over. Her grandmother was constantly checking in on her which would be fine if it wasn't every other minute. So it was understandable that y/n had tried to spend the first week of her Summer out of the house, most of it was spent in the forest. y/n was still very opposed to the "no magic outside school" rule. The fun she could have had with just the wave of her wand! But alas, y/n was practically living like a squib.

It was just about dark when she arrived at the gates to l/n manor. The wrought iron details framed the gate and continued to weave along the fence bordering the property. y/n didn't see the need for such borders, no muggle had ever stumbled across this place, and if they did, there would be no way for them to get through the gate. Her father had supposedly put the charm in place all those years ago before the war, to defend himself and his family. Didn't really do much in the long run though.

y/n found her Grandmother in the sitting room, writing on some parchment, probably a letter, with the fire lit despite the heat of the day. "Oh! y/n! You're finally back!" she cooed happily once she heard y/n walk into the room, "Did you have a nice day? No problems I hope?"

Again with the over protectiveness. "Yeah it was nice, everything was fine," y/n insisted not wanting her grandmother to worry, but also because she wanted to take a cup of tea and write to her friends up in her room. Alone.

"Good, good. Well, supper shall be ready soon, I'll call you down when it's time to eat," Martha said, smiling sweetly. y/n returned a grin and then dashed up to her room, just in case her grandma wasn't finished with conversation. Her tea was brewed, her pyjamas were on, and she was ready for a night of blissful nothing.


In the next few hours, y/n got bored of doing nothing so went down to the library. IN the corner of the grand hall, was her writing desk, parchment and quills, seals and envelopes read to go. Nimbus had followed her down and jumped up onto her lap as she sat down, ready to write. He had grown a lot in the year she had had him. He was now too big to hide in her jumper so he would have to ride in a cage, or y/n would take the risk of just bringing him on the train. But he was too cheeky ad restless and would just end up getting lost.

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