Chapter 3

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"You sent for me"Severus sat down in front of the old man. A bored look across his face

"I did"

The grim tone made Severus shudder"What's happened now?"The death of Lily still hung above his head

"I assume you remember Diana Volkov?"Dumbledore folded his hands together on the desk 

"Of course"Severus sat straight, what had happened to Diana?"She was Lily's friend until I called Lily... that name"He sneered"He married Black"

"They had a daughter"


The old man began"The Ministry of Magic has declared that Diana aided Sirius in betraying Lily and James"

"Azkaban?"Severus gulped. Sweet Diana would never last.

"Much worse"Albus shook his head and pursed his lips"The Volkov curse"

Severus stood, and the chair flung back behind him"They cannot do this! They sent Black to Azkaban for nothing compared to these false accusations!"


"You have to do something!"Severus snapped"You cannot let another innocent person die!"

"I'm afraid it was too late"

Severus braced himself against the desk"Bloody hell"Diana was the only reason Lily was civil with him after that day

"Severus, I do not expect you to do anything, but for Diana...."

"Whatever I can do"

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