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Long ago in the days of yore, also known as 2013, I began a passion project. 

This was pre-Wattpad era, pre any writing platform era, where I roamed the internet without a clue as to what I was doing. I wanted to tell a story, so I began a serial story blog called New Earth Six. 

New Earth Six is a bit of Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica. 

Set in a future timeline, with humans eking out a new existence among the stars, it featured a vast over arching plot of politics, economy, and war, told through the focal point of several characters whose stories slowly wove together. 

It was a total passion project, as I juggled tiny children, work and more. There is a complete history, worlds, races, a glossary of aliens terms and more. And for years I left the blog where it was, floating in cyberspace, until now. 

Welcome to the universe of New Earth Six. 

Posting: A new chapter shall be posted every three days through the end of volume one. Volume one is a completed work that will not interfere with the posting of other stories. 

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