Dinner Refusal

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Back at the castle, Moltor and Flama were in the kitchen and were almost finished making dinner. Flama opened the oven and pulled out the reheated roast boaring left over from lunch. The flame monster smiled as he smelled the food.

"Man, I'm starved." He muttered before turning around. "Hey Book keeper, come here!"

A short goblin monster that was messing around with pots and pans in the corner got up and ran over to Flama.

"You mind putting this on the table for me?" Flama requested; handing the roast to Book keeper.

Book keeper only responded with a cackle before taking the roast out of the kitchen and into the dining room. Just as he left, Magmar, Whiparella and Lavaria walked in.

"Is dinner ready yet?" Magmar asked.

"Almost; I'm just cooking the vegetables now." Moltor answered.

"I think Burnzie and Sparkks are setting the table." Flama answered.

In the dining room, Book keeper put the roast on table as Burnzie, Sparkks and Beast master finished putting plates, knives and forks on the table. The four monsters looked toward the doorway as they heard footsteps accompanied by a loud and electrified yawn. Jestro walked in rubbing his left eye; just waking up from the nap he took. Burnzie, Sparkkz, Book keeper and Beast master froze in place as Jestro looked over the table. He blinked when he noticed something was not right. On the nights when Jestro made an effort to come down for dinner, there were always ten plates on the table. There were eleven. Jestro looked up at Burnzie and Sparkks; making the two monsters still.

"Why is there an extra plate here?" Jestro questioned in suspension.

The two monsters tried to answer but nothing came out. Jestro was about to ask again when Magmar, Lavaria and Whiparella walked in.

"Jestro; you've decided to join us." Magmar proclaimed; trying to sound joyful.

Jestro raised an eyebrow at the sarcastic monster.

"Is there someone else joining us?" Jestro asked impatiently.

Lavaria stepped forward to answer.

"You said we could give him a room, but you didn't say anything about not giving him dinner." She answered; trying to sound firm and strict.

"Well, I didn't say anything about giving him dinner either." Jestro pulled a chair from the table and sat down.

Magmar could feel tension rising in the room.

"Perhaps I should go tell the prisoner that dinner's just about ready." He said before leaving the dining room.

Just as Magmar left, Flama and Moltor came in with vegetables and gravy.

"Ok, dinner's ready-"

Flama and Moltor fell silent when they saw Jestro sitting at the end of the table with a sour look on his face with the other monsters standing silently.

"Oh, please continue." Jestro broke the silence. "Don't stop just because I'm here."

Silence fell through the room. Whiparella decided to break it by bringing up an important topic.

"Jestro." She spoke up. "Have you taken any notice about the Rose lately?"

The other monsters waited for Jestro to answer; thinking he was going to yell at Whiparella for bringing it up. Jestro blinked at the snake woman before turning his head away.

"Not really." He lied.

"Really?" Burnzie asked. "You haven't noticed that the castle shakes when a petal falls-"

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