Chapter 19 | Forgiving? We'll See About That

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Third Person POV

"Gods, what the Hades was that, Luke?!"Zoë bellowed once they got out of the house. She was confused and angry at the same time to Luke who looked sheepish while holding the back of his neck. "You agreed that we would go out of his way and you bluntly ask him about that?! What were you thinking?!"

Normally, Zoë didn't dare speak to him that way. She was a thousand years older but he was her commander, which she never agreed to's long story, she had no choice but to respect him which was difficult seeing that he's a boy and she was a former hunter. It was after a year that she finally treated Luke as someone who she respects, he was the second boy she saw as a friend but she had to know when to treat him as someone who has authority and as her friend. Right now, she was talking to her friend rather than her commander, and she had every right to question his actions.

Luke gulped, knowing he was at her bad side. He never wants to be in her bad side. She's scary when she's pissed off, but he enjoyed annoying her at trainings and battles where she can't retort to anything he says because he was her commander. Usually, this leads on him being headlocked by her with Bianca trying to stop her and Xiana laughing. But he knew he had to be honest with her so, "I was curious."

Zoë turned her head slowly to him and exhaled in disbelief, "That's your excuse?! You were curious?!"

"Hey, don't tell me you weren't. I didn't plan on disobeying Chaos. It's just...I saw something that's not right."Luke explained.

They fell silent for a moment.

"His eyes."Zoë finally said.

He whipped his head up, "What?"

Zoe met his eyes, "His eyes. They look like a failing light. You know, l when they don't work right anymore?"

Luke thought for a minute, "Yeah, he...he looks down. Chaos was right, he looked like a lost puppy."he snorted, "Wait, no...a lost-"

"Don't say it."Zoe immediately protested.

"You don't even know what I was going to say!"Luke said laughing.

"Yes, I do. Stop it!"she said when he wiggled his hands like a fish but Luke didn't stop. Zoë put a hand on her forehead, "Gods, you're so immature."

"And you're so serious"Luke retorted until his face contorted into laughter and said, "Why so serious?"he said in a rough deep voice.


"Fine. Fine. Geez, woman, calm down."he sighed. "It's just seeing Percy made everything more depressing that it is. Niza and Xavier are gone. Xiana is a mess. And Percy's..."he paused, "I don't know."

Zoë knew what it felt like. "We just be there for Xiana and Xanaia. Let's stay clear of Percy for a while, besides I think he isn't ready to talk about Earth."

Luke inhaled and glanced at his feet."You think it's because he still doesn't trust me? He's hasn't forgiven what...I did."

Zoe sighed, "No. Stop thinking that. I think it's for a completely different reason. Didn't you see how he avoided any other half-blood, he was hyperventilating. He didn't even mention, Annabeth or Grover."

Luke flinched, "I noticed. He was cautious to the names."

"And it's your fault!"

"Hey, okay! I know! You don't have to keep telling me. I'm sorry!"

Suddenly, they heard the door open bringing them to look over it. Bianca emerged from behind, looking annoyed.

"You guys are too loud. Keep quiet will you?"she scowled. 

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