African Love-Chapter 1

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This is my first book on Wattpad so if it has some miss spelled words then I will be fixing it thanks! And enjoy the story!. And if you think this book is offensive then I'm sorry but, it's a fictional book, it's not real. Thank you!

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Chapter 1

"Mother where are you taking me?"

"We'll be there in just a few more feet" She said with watering eyes

"Are we going to grandpa's house mother?"

"No honey you're going on an adventure"

"To where?"

"You'll see"


That was twelve years ago. My mother Atrice told me that we where going on an adventure. She never told me she would leave me there. Hi I'm Leylani, Leylani Micfister. I was five when me mother took me to an orphanage and told me she would be right back. I'm sill waiting for her. I don't know if she's dead or alive. But I don't have much time to wait I'm getting adopted today. Two days ago I was told I would be moving to Amercia! Isn't that exciting. Not, I had to leave all me friends and now start a new life.

I got on the airplane yesterday for the first time. It was scary seeing people that are not my race. When people think of Africa, they think of Zimbabwe or South Africa. I'm not from South I'm from East Africa. where all the wealthy people are well not really. We didn't have much but we had more than the usual Africans. I'm not even dark skinned. I have light brown hair that curls forever, brown eyes and a really big head.

I landed in California today. Wow was it amazing!

Seeing all the people walking around and having fun. That's what I would be doing if I went back home. My driver Ed took me into a very secluded neighborhood with a gate that said "Beverly Hills". What the heck is a Beverly Hills. I guess it's what they call these people. When we pulled up to one of the biggest houses i've ever seen, someone came out of the house screaming.

"Aw is this who I think it is, Ah you're so pretty!. You must be Leylani"

No dip

I smiled

"I'm Valarie Brown your future mom!"

She sounded like she was going to bust out crying. And she did.

More people started to come out of the house.

"This is my husband Jeffry, my daughter Sarah, my youngest son Jake. Oh, where's Tristan. Tristan's my oldest son I think he'll like you a lot!" She said to her family then to me.

I smiled again not knowing what to say about that. My driver told me that he was leaving and he hugged me goodbye. We all went inside and they showed me around their beautiful breath taking home.

She showed me my new room, it was beautiful. It had tall ceilings and it was painted purple all over. It had a queen bed with a desk and a flat screen, with my own gaming system.

"How'd you know I liked games" I said kind of slow trying to improve me speech

"I asked the people at the manger's office and they said you liked purple but acted like a boy, I thought I could give you some games to try out and see how you like them" She said happily

"Thanks" I said with a smile

She then showed me to everybody's room to make sure I knew whose room I could and couldn't go in to. She said Tristan isn't the type of person I would like to hang out with. But that I should give him a try at least. Sarah showed me to the backyard where the pool was. I loved to swim, I swam all the time in the river that is.

We then went to the kitchen and discussed everyone's eating habits.

"Do you have any food allergies?" Jake said curious

"Food What?" I said very unclear but I think they got the point

"You know food allergies, like if you eat something and you get a rash or something deadly happens to you"

"Alright that's enough Jake" Valarie said stunned.

"It's OK I knew what he means"

"It's know!"

"Wah!" I said as I turned around

"Wah!, it's know what he means not knew, mom I'm going out" he said mimicking me

"What, wait come back and apologize to her!"

"Sorry no can do I'm already late for work"

He walked out like he just owned this place.

That's going to change

"Sorry about that, that's Tristan he can be a pain sometimes" Valarie explained

"It's alright I'll get used to it I guess"

"Hey are you hungry we can make you something to eat what would you like?".

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