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a/n: guys i changed the name of the father and im gonna skip the part of her pregnancy im just gonna show some flashback on how hard it was for her to the upcoming updates.

Payton Fae Reynolds you can do this! Dean is safe, hes with dad calm down.

Going out with Dylan for fresh air is never this dreadful. Father thought that I need this since I never left Dean's side since we got out of the hospital a few months ago. Well can you blame me? I carried him inside me for 9 freaking months, puked every morning and or night, endured all the back pains and continous visits to the bathroom. Of course I will be overprotective of him!

"Hey you still haven't said anything to me about why you kept Dean a secret to Justin, you know he still is the father, he needs to know, and soon Dean will ask." Dylan stated a matter of factly.

"Well okay i'll tell you and maybe you'll understand."

"You know this is just like a one night stand right?" Justin's hoarse voice dragged me out of my daze.

What a dick

"Yes, now if you want me out now cover your eyes-"

"Like hell would I do that, I've seen every inch of your body, or would you like me to remind you of that?" He said smirk present on his smooth face. Like really what do you wash your face with?

Ignoring what he said I stood up searched for my underwear to find it ripped. Fuck what now.

"Can I borrow your boxers? You tore mine in two you inconsiderate asshat." I said whispering the last part.

He nodded then I reach for my jeans and shirt and said my goodbye then walked out of his place.

"He obviously don't want anything to do with me, he showed that clearly." I said while searching for a pleasant coffee shop along the way.

"Did he really?" I look at him with a frown wishing that he'd let it go and entered a silent coffee shop.


I need to find a job, now that Dean is out and will need pampering. After tucking Dean in his crib I fetch my laptop and started searching for some job openings.

Scrolling down through some sites, a notification pops up. Hmmm an email from my batchmate.

To:Payton Fae Reynolds
From:Trevor Bran        

Hi! Remember me?

     Trevor Bran, your Batch President, would like to invite you to a small gathering or more like a reunion even though it has only been months at the beach near our college at 5pm this coming friday.

Hope you come!!!

Huh, a gathering okay.

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