Dear Katie Peppers #2

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F. Y. I.- the dear Katie Peppers and the Journal entries are different things. DKP is just me tellin her stuff rich off the top of my head and what ever is on my mind at the time. The Journal is my actual journal (that is dedicated to her <3) online. I'm not a lesbian!! Lol just a caring, loving, awesome, sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, suave, womanly, motherly, wel if I keep going with this list it could take a while. But anyways we are just friends. I like hot dogs NOT tacos. Lol now that I think about it, outside of that innuendo I really don't like hot dogs, and I'm Spanish so I'm in love with tacos!! Gosh, what's another innuendo?!?!?!


Dear Katie Peppers,

So... how ya been? You know we haven't talked since I emailed you a couple minutes ago. That is a long time! I mean every second counts right. Oh and don't pay any mind to my nonsense above this (^). I was just defending my honor. Do you wanna read my story tomorrow I haven't given it to you for a while. Man I am typing to fast for my iPod to handle it!! It's so freKing amazing. Soooooooo umm, I've been thinking about taking a shower for the past ten minutes but I just haven't been able to get to it. OhMyGosh!!! My dog might have cancer or something. We found these lumps on him and he has one like down by his smaller Elias (my dogs name) and he has one on his chest. We are taking him to the vet soon though...

Anyways on to different matters, I have been REALLY sick the past 4 days and I can't take it!! I don't usually get sick very often but the one time I do get sick it's the one time when I need my. Brain power and I keep getting these head aches oh man it's driving me crazy!!!

What if people start reading his like we read on here. That would cray. Most of the things I put on here are like complete nonsense. Gosh so depressing lol.

So I was talking to Jazzy Frazier and we were talking about Josh and she was like telling me about how she broke up with him. And she said I called him and I was like "Yeah... This isn't working out..." I was like "Thats awful you broke up with him over the phone!?! No wonder the kid was heart broken!!" and the. We were talking about how we both wished that there was one guy who would really make us like him you know. Not like how I am with guys saying oh that guys hot! NO THAT GUYS HOT!!! But a guy who we liked so much that none of those other guys mattered. Sadly I know she will eventually find someone like that, but the likely hood of that ever happening for me and the liking me back... well that would be a miracle. I mean Jazzy is Gorgeous!!! And so are you so it won't be hard for you guys. Gosh why do I surround myself with beautiful people!!! Lol

Hey Katie, do you promise that you won't go away like my other friends when I move. I mean sure I have those friends that tried to hold on to our relationship but no one who ever really kept me at heart. I promise if you promise. It's not like I could forget you anyway, we are married in Facebook. We need to go for a walk soon. We haven't been on one in a long time!! I really need it!


The only women you should love because we are married officially on Facebook for like a year now.

P.S.- thnx for sending me my plot chica ;D

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