Harmony's POV:

I smiled, glancing at the light yellow walls, the tan couches, and the big door in the back made of all glass to go to a master pool. I sat on the couch and pressed a button and out came a big screen TV and a mini fridge loaded with soda and ice cream. I smiled I noticed a big bookshelf across the room next to the door to the kitchen. It was loaded with books, all genres, sizes, colors, etc.

"How many bedrooms does it have?" I heard Ross ask in the master kitchen that was decked out with the most fancy, polished, silver appliances.

I glanced over at Rocky, who was sitting on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket. I sat down next to him and sighed.

"Hey," I said, turning my head away from him to look at Ross.

"Hi," he didn't seem interested in talking to me. I nodded and stood up, and walked to the kitchen to see Ross. I smiled and grabbed his hand tightly as he asked a lady in a nice pan-suit questions about the house.

"It has 2 parts of the house," she explained. "It is like 2 houses. Each side has 3 bedrooms, a master kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a living room, and a dining room. The two parts connect by a Swimming pool and weight room and a huge basement." She explained. "Unfortunately, since the house is brand new and finished up construction, I can't show you the rest of it."

"Okay thank you," he smiled, looking over at me. "What do you think?"

"I like it," I nodded slowly, looking around.

"Well I like you, so..." He wiggled his eyebrows and said, "I think we should get the house."

"Me too."

"Then let's do it."


"I love you."

"I love you too."

"SHUT UP!" Rocky yelled through the living room. I sighed and didn't even look at him before screaming back, "You shut up! Freedom of speech asshole!

"Excuse me?!" Rocky stood up and walked towards me. "Your the asshole, not me. Look at all the shit you have caused through the family. You killed each and every one of us and minupliate us time after time. So shut the fuck up. "

"Rocky! Don't talk about my girlfriend like that!"

"Watch me!" He pushed Ross out of the way and got up in my face, "She's pathetic, a loser, EMO, not talented, loser."

"SHUT UP." Tears ran from my face. I pushed him off, at least, I tried. He grabbed onto my arms and held me there, his spit landing on my face as he screamed right next to my face.

Ross tried to rip him off of me. In fact, he was screaming and shouting off the top of his lungs. I shielded my face as I watched the veins pop out of Rocky's neck. I took the opportunity and began yelling at him.

"YOUR JUST DOING THIS BECAUSE YOU WANT ME. Yeah you want me so much. And Ross having me makes you angry because we almost had a thing and I made the right choice to go with him! Let's face it, you will never be as good as him. Your a loser. Face the trust hand GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME."

I felt his elbow connect to my cheek and I felt the pain. I growled and finally pushed him off of him.

The room grew silent. I listened to his heavy breathing and I sighed, standing In a stance that almost was 100% effective against a attack.

"What happened in here?!" The lady returned from god knows where with a panicked look on her face.

"I'm out of here," I said, storming out, and punching Rocky so hard my knuckles bled a little bit.

"OW WHAT THE FUCK?" He yelled, watching me leave.


Riker's POV:

"WAAAAAAA!" I heard the shrill voice of a baby screaming for us next to us. Jade rolled over and opened her eyes, half asleep.

"I got this." I said, grabbing our little miracle.

"Unless you shoot milk out your man nipples, I think I need to do it babe." She said, taking her as I handed her Melody.

Jade did her thing and put the baby back down to pass out.

I smiled, "You already make a good mother."

"Thank you," She said, rolling over to snuggle into my shoulder.

"Go back to sleep," I said, kissing her forehead.


Harmony's POV:

I got out of that house as quickly as I could. I heard Ross call me, so I slowed down to a walk and let him catch up with me.

"Are you okay?" He asked, grabbing my hand and pulling close to him. He inspected my face and said that there was a big bruise, but I hadn't seen it so I couldn't be sure.

"I'm just peachy," I said, tears welling up in my eyes. As they began to fall, they burned the injured sensitive cheek.

"Shhhhh." He comforted, rocking back and fourth with me. I bet we looked like freaks, but at this point I didn't care.

"Let's just go see Jade."

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