Chapter 5

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Jungkook POV

I never thought that I would met such a girl like her, Go Hye Rin. The way she smile, the way she laugh, it's so natural, she never wear a lot of make up like the girls in this school yeah except for that DK girls. I only know one, Min Yoon Ji because she is Yoongi's little sister but I don't know the rest, all that I know is they're a good person.

I met Hyerin yesterday, she just transferred here. We met in the principal room when the principal asked me and Jimin to came to his office. He asked me to accompany the new students to their class, and it turned out I was in the same class as Hyerin and Jimin was in the same class as her twin sister, Jihye.

Today was Thursday and today was the best day for all of the students in Royal High School because they will be free from the subject like social studies, physics, chemistry, math, etc. Today was the day when they attended the class that they chose at the first of the semester.

I was in a group of boys name Bangtan Boys or BTS, one of the member in BTS name Min Yoongi is my childhood friend but I just know that he has a younger sister because he said that his sister was study abroad.

"Jungkook.. Jungkook-ah.. Oy wake up dude" Jimin said waking me up from my day dreaming

"aren't you going to change your clothes? Or are you going to wear that uncomfortable uniform" Jimin hyung said as he hand me my paperbag

"ahh thanks hyung" I said and get into the changing room

"huh? Did he just call me hyung and thank me?" Jimin mumbled but I still can hear him

After I change my clothes, I joined with the others, we talked about some junior who are going to attend our dance class. I hope it's not that flirty girl, they will just busy flirting in the class instead of learn about some dance move.

"who is our new junior?" Taehyung asked

"I hope they're not one of those girls, they will just ruin the class" I said in annoyance

"uhmm.. Let me see" Hoseok said because he is in charge of this class

"uhmm Choi Haru, Min Yoonji, Kim Taerin, Seo Yeji, Lee Jisoo, Go Jihye, and Go Hyerin" Hoseok said

"Go Jihye and Go Hyerin umm they're that new students right? Twinnie?" Jimin said and we nodded

Somehow I feel slightly happy when I heard Hyerin name mentioned. We talked about what moved should we teach them until we don't realise their presence until my eyes and Hyerin met

We great them and teach them some move

"hi guyss, welcome to the dance club. Lets warm up and start our lesson today" I said and Jimin teach them some flexibility move

The rest of us help the girls if they can't do it right but so far they're doing fine. Sometimes they make fun of some move and make us laughing too until I didn't realize that I was looking at Hyerin. The more I look at her, it feels like I want to know about her.

But then, her expression change into a worried look

"Hyerin-ssi is there any problem?" I asked and she just shook her head in response

The other hyung give me a weird look since I never concern about girls, yeah I know something is wrong in me and I don't know why too

"stay focus then" I said and we continue the class

"okay guys, you can rest for 10 minutes" Jimin said

Then they went to the corner of the class near the mirror and drank a cold water that they bought before they entered the class.

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