Stuck on a boat with my brother? HELL!!!

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Hi, this my first attempt at a wattpad story. It probably sucks, is going to be horribly small and I wrote the original version when I was, like, 9 (and that was even smaller). So I'm hoping for some constructive criticism, emphasise on CONSTRUCTIVE peoples!

My name is Jennifer Beave, I'm 13.

I am awesome.

...AND I live with my family in N.S.W, Australia.

My family, possibly the most crazy, messed-up, pathetic excuse for ordinary people ever. I swear, I pretty sure I'm adopted. First, there's my mum a, tallish, thin, pale woman with excessively straight hair died burgundy hanging to her shoulders. She's a stay at home mum, and with the fashion sense of someone stuck in the movie hairspray.

My dad, very different to mum he is a head and a half shorter than her, pudgy, with short, brown hair, that was fast receding. He was a businessman and thought he got paid pretty well for just sitting at a desk and signing stuff all day, he was hardly ever home. His wardrobe consisted of work suits, work suits, and, oh did I mention work suits?

Lastly...(I'm NOT REALATED TO HIM!) my brother. He was,worst than both my parents put together. It seemed to be his life (more like friggin weird existence) mission to annoy me to my death bed. He was 15, he was freakishly taller than our mum, and had dad's brown hair, but his hair was cut like... *shudder* ...Zac EFRON! He was super popular amongst the year 10's, sporty, went to the gym much too regularly and was rather proud of the fact he was "ripped" *belches*. My spasticated excuse for a brother was also dating the most horrible, slutty girl ever, and, guess. We both hated each other. His excuse for going out with her, and swooning -and... getting a boner *shivers*- at her plastic-resembling face (rather frequently) was because she was "popular" and... "Hot".

I, on the other hand was tall, but not too tall, healthily slim, with a -better- (mouhahaha) version of mum's hair before she died it and cut it. Red head, to the max! My hair gently waved half way down my back, cut neatly with an awesome full fringe, and I liked it in my eyes. I liked black and red... and Muse... but I wasn't goth or emo. And I was DEFINITELY not a cutter, my life was joyous, what with my bestfriend Ashley and all. Now, SHE makes me laugh, especially when she does an impression of my angry face, and tells me to stop pinching the bridge of my nose when my friends say or do something completely demented. I was in year 8, played netball for school, not extremely popular, but I had a MOUNTAIN-LOAD of friends, and top grades in just about everything. (I swear, if I fail ONE thing, I will DIE!) I was also what some people would call a teacher's pet, I called it polite and always listening.

So, as you can see, I have a horrible lot in life when it comes to family. Since I turned 6 I've been worrying about my future mental health, I was going to have to live with this for at least until I was 18. Can it get much worse? Yes, it can.

Did I mention?

The world, AS we knew it...

Was going to end.


Okay, right, so get this. I am Ashley. I am editing her story *points to JB_manga* and...


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