My Mate For Life 2

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Kennedy's POV

Blake and I were sitting on the deck watching the stars, I'm surprised it didn't rain tonight I though it would.

"So tell me about yourself" Blake interputed my thinking.Well, what should I tell him.

"Well I'm 17 and I'm a senior at Pine Valley High, I am a cheerleader but not the stuck up kind" he laughed. It's true I am popular and I may look like the bitchy kind, but I am kind and Ihave many friends that aren't popular.

"I have a older brother Shane he goes to Valley State my parents are never around so I usually never stay at home, I just go hang with

my friends" I repiled. It's tough not having anyone there, but my friend are always there for me.

"Your turn, tell me about you now" I said kinda eargerly.

He laughed and said '' Let's see I'm 18 and a senior, I love to play football and I streetfight with my pac- I mean friends and I have a younger brother Trent who is 16" He said.

Wow he street fights I wonder if he has a lot of muscle under that shirt?

I think I was staring too long because he waved his hand in my face and laughed. "what? oh, sorry that's cool what is your name for streetfighting?''.

"My name is Thunder" he replied with a serious face.

I couldn't stand it so I laughed out loud.

"I'm sorry that name is kinda funny to me"

"Ya I guess your right, but I like it so shut up" he started to laugh too.

Blake's POV

I can't believe I almost screwed up and said pack, but for some reason I knew I could trust her.

She was so intersting to talk to, it's like I never wanted to stop, but I kinda to because the full moon was coming out.

Thats mean in werewolf terms I basically wanted to have sex with anything or in my case four legs.If we bite during it we have imprinted on our mate.

I know it's weird, but I have to follow it for Kennedy's safety.

I leaned over too her ear and kinda shouted because the music keeps getting louder as more people come. "You wanna dance?'' I asked her.

I shouldn't have done that because I got a wiff of her scent and i could already feel me wanting her.

"Sure" she smiled

I wish she would stop because she is makeing it really hard for me not to take her right there.

I pulled her along and started to dance to Say Ahh by Trey Songs.

We were so much into the music that I didn't realize that I was drinking and she was too


Kennedy's POV

I kept drinking and grinding with Blake

For some reason he wanted me to go upstairs with him and me being drunk followed him up to a room that wasn't busy.


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