Chapter 2: Dark

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~Yurios P.O.V~
All I can see is the everlasting depths of this black picture of nothing. I feel nothing except for a memory. I see nothing. I know nothing. I can't move and I don't think I actually am anywhere. I don't know where I would be because I can't remember anything except for one little detail. All I remember is the warm feeling of someone's arms around me tightly and that's it. I've been holding on to that because I'm scared if I were to let go I wouldn't be anything. I don't even remember who I am or what I look what. What is this?

~ Otabeks P.O.V~

I awake in pure darkness until my eyes adjusted. I was  currently 3:00 A.M. and there was a thunder storm that had woken me up. My throats felt dye so I got out of bed to get some water. On my way to the bathroom I suddenly, out of no where, remember the day I  helped this boy.

I was in 5th grade when I first met Mila and School had just ended for the day so me and Mila played on the in the play ground as we waited for our parents to pick us up. Having been in the same class she wanted to play with me so we were swinging on the swings. Mila's had gotten there about 5 minutes after so I was alone on the playground. This was normal because my mom was always late. I was looking into the almost empty street when two cars were passing by.

Everything happened so quick I couldn't tell what was going on. The two cars hit head on and I heard the sound of a child scream. My body was moving on it's own as I ran over to the car With the screaming child. Luckily I was able to open the back door, the front doors were too busted for me to open. When I looked in the back there was a small child not a day older then me that was breathing way too abnormally. I unbuckled the seat belted that was securing this child to the seat. Sadly I caught a glimpse of the front seat. There was blood everywhere and two adults who's were not breathing one bit. I never wanted to see anything like that again. I took took the child in my arms and quickly carried him to the side walk to lay him down while I try to call for help. Then I herd my mom yelling something but I couldn't hear because there was a ringing in my ears. I was suddenly to scared to do anything and I ran back to the unknown boy and put him in my lap and hugged him tight thinking it was some how  this would make everything all better.
I didn't know when  my mom did but she had called an ambulance.  When they arrived they began to help the adults still in the cars and didn't even notice  me trembling and crying while I tightly clung to the small blond who still hadn't moved. After I started screaming because the boy in my arms was barley breathing, a paramedic had noticed me and took the child away from me, practically prying him from my arms. Still shaking, my mom picked me up and carried me to the car then we were home. I didn't want to leave him at all. I wanted to make sure he was safe and he would be ok. Naturally my mom didn't let me but called the hospital about the boy the next day and told me he was in a coma and wasn't expected to wake up for a while due to traumatic brain injuries. Sadly his parents and the one other person in the other car were pronounced dead at the accident. I couldn't see him but at least I knew he was ok. For child me, that was ok.

The as soon the memory was there I was back in reality. Some how I had blocked that out from my mind. After I got my water I sat and started at the ceiling for what seemed like for ever. I just wanted to know what had happened to him and where he is know. Finally I slowly drifted to into sleep.

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