Her Forever Man. Part 1

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Mary's POV...

" Yesss!" I screamed as I jumped up and down along with everyone else as I watched the tag team of Benjamen and Branson make their move so that Bran could get a clear shot at the hoop to make the winning goal just seconds before the buzzer sounded that ended their basketball game.

Then I watched as their team threw themselves at the two boys, or young men as they call themselves, hugging and congratulating them and themselves knowing that the trophy was no theirs... again.

Benjamen Collwood and Branson Phillips. Two of the best from the school's state basketball team who knew how to play a game and play it to win. Which they usually do.

I stood there smiling as I watched the losing team come along and congratulate them mentioning that they'll be getting them next time. But our boys just smiled as they shook their hands and muttered to them, maybe. It was a good match and a close game so I know that maybe next time, our boys might not win as they think they will. But we'll see.

I kept smiling as I watch from the bleachers as everyone more or less dived on the two tallest with excitement. The two being Branson and Benjamen who was my brother. The two have been friends since they met in kindergarten and have been as thick as these ever since. So usually, where you see one of them, you will usually see the other.

That meant that Branson was usually over at our place a lot. So I got to see him coming and going nearly every day ever since I could remember. My forever man.

And they all wondered why I was forever telling everyone that he was going to be mine one day since I lay claim to him. I was five the first time I said that to him and he got this horrified look on his face when I did. I didn't realise at the time that since he was only eight years old, girls were alien to him and he didn't want anything to do with any of us. But I said it didn't matter.

When we grew up, he could be mine then. Of course, he didn't like that and ran away with Ben chasing him after he gave me one of his shoves for scaring off his friend. But I didn't mind. Ben was my favourite brother and like Branson, he was my hero too after they both saved me after I nearly drowned in the pond when I was a year younger.

So, of course, it wasn't unheard of that as I grew older, I would constantly be found hanging around the boys always wanting to be included in what they did at home as well as out and about. My wanting to have Bran had never changed. Hence why I always came to a game and cheered them on.

Next year was going to be their last year here with us because after that they will be going away to college. That is when I will be seeing a lot less of them since the colleges they are looking into going to are out of state. I have no idea why they chose that idea when we have the best colleges and universities here in California.

But they both had applied to enrol at The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences which is part of PSU. But it was all the way on the other side of the country in Pennsylvania. I listen to them both talk when they think I am not around and I know that Bran is also going for another course which involves The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences which is a constituent, semi-autonomous part of Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania.

This particular College was founded in 1896 as a School of Mines, but, over time, diversified becoming the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. The college has five departments: Energy and Mineral Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Materials Science and Engineering, and Meteorology.

All this meant extra hard work for Branson since he wants to work with the earth and agriculture. He wants to be like his grandfather and garden. But Bran wants to do more than that. He wants to be able to change small parcels of land to enhance the beauty of it. That meant he needed to know what the land was like he was working with.

He is going to be a wonderful gardener one day. And since I like to work with flowers, I was going to pretty the place up when he was finished. That was what I planned for us when we both grew up.

It was just a pity that Bran didn't include me in his plans. He just saw me as his best friends little pesky sister who was always hanging around them. When he got annoyed with me being around all the time, Ben would just come along and drag me by the arm away from them both and tell mumma to keep me away from them. He said to her that I was always annoying them.

I didn't think I was annoying at all.

I was their biggest fan and supporter. I didn't even tell mumma about the needles they stuck in themselves when their shoulders or knees and ankles hurt them. Ben called them steroid shots. I hate shots. Mumma used to take me to have them all the time and they hurt me real bad when my arm or leg would swell up as big as a goose egg, mumma would say.

So when I saw them jab those ugly things into their swollen knees or ankles, I would run away. But I always came back. That was my life. It revolved around those two boys. So when they had a game, I was the first one there to give them my support. I was always the first one. But they called me pesky and annoying and ignored me for most of the time.

I didn't even tell mumma about them steroid needles they were having and I didn't tell mumma about the girls who Ben snuck into the house of a night. I was good at keeping secrets, really good. I never told unless I absolutely have to. It was something I grew up doing.

After that last game, the boys were more interested in finally going to college and their heart wasn't really into winning the game the following year because of it. I could tell. So it wasn't really a surprise when they lost by one point. It was still a good game and the two teams still celebrated the win together like they normally did each year since there weren't any hard feelings.

But all too soon, Benjamen and Branson were gone not returning until summer break. I was sixteen the first time they left. I was seventeen when they came back. My feelings hadn't changed. The only thing that did was that my boobs had developed a lot more after they left so I wasn't surprised to see their eyes being drawn to my chest when they came back.

They are boys after all and boys will look at what interests them. I just laughed as I brushed passed them both bumping shoulders with Bran on my way down the stairs and out the door knowing full well that both sets of eyes were on my swaying hips as I left. I was smiling as I shut the door behind me on the astonished look on their faces.

I guess I had changed more physically than I realised, I thought with another smile.

But I stuck to my routine over the next year and continued with my own studies taking an interest in the nursing field after turning eighteen. That was when they came back. This time, they weren't alone. They each brought girlfriends with them. I thought my heart would break when I saw how affectionate Bran was with her, Zia. And from what Ben had said to mumma, it was pretty serious with the two of them.

So I threw myself more into my own studies and ignored them all when they came around which they still did. It didn't help that Liz, Ben's girlfriend was also friends with Zia and between the two of them, they would make snide remarks to me and insult our family when none of them was about. I guess they really didn't know me at all and I was not going to take any shit from them or anyone else when it comes to my family.

So after a particular nasty few comments, they made about us and me in particular, I decided to do something about it. I asked my younger brother Zach if he could help and since he is a sneaky little shit, he was all up for it since he too had been on the receiving end of those girls nasty attitude.

But doing it had to be done in a way that wouldn't make us out to be the bad guys in all this.

Zach had a project coming up which needed to include an interview of some kind. So we decided to do the interview with camera's videoing it and waited until the girls came around and started mouthing off. With a prod or two, we knew it wouldn't take much for them to start. And it didn't. I laughed afterwards when Zach went to show his proud parents about the interview. They weren't so proud when the girls had also come and insulted us all which was on the end of the interview.

Needless to say, Ben's girlfriend was no more and Bran never brought Zia back here again despite them not breaking it off. I still remember how that all went down.

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