Ch. 38 Its Official

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Jocelyn's Pov

After embracing I can tell something is off about Lennox, it's like he's on edge. He doesn't say much and I realize it's not the time to demand that we talk about things between us. I brush it off as his anxiousness and need to get back to the pack. I don't know what happened with Alpha Rhys, but it can't be good. I notice him pick up the black velvet box and slip it in his pocket, obviously not caring that I've seen the box.

    We leave shortly after saying a quick goodbye to everyone. The whole trip back to the pack is silent; it's almost like he's angry with me, but I can't tell for sure. With Lennox I don't know where his moods come from. If he's happy, sad, mad or content he's always the same, silent. I have decided to tell him about the marking after we talk about his lack of communication with me and the lies. I need him to realize I deserve to know the truth even if it's unpleasant. If he wants to be my mate then he'll treat me as an equal, not a fragile piece of glass.

    As he parks the car in the garage his silence is starting to grate on my nerves, if he's upset about something he should tell me. He opens the back and takes out our bags and I hold the door open for him. I follow him to our room and as soon as the bags hit the floor I've had enough.

"What's going on, Lennox?" I ask, curiously.

He straightens up and turns to me. "Nothing."

I'm not surprised by his answer. "Something is wrong. Talk to me, please." I plead, tiredly.

"It's been a long day." He replies, deflecting my question.

"Yes, it has. What happened with Rhys?" I ask, trying to be understanding and patient with him.

"Wesley, Wendy's brother killed him for his deception towards Wendy."

"She had a brother in Rhys' pack?"

He nods simply and doesn't explain, but he doesn't need too. Usually, the only reason families are separated are lost challenges and mating's. "You seem angry about something." I point out, walking closer to him.

"I'm not angry."

"Lennox, I am seconds away from shaking you. Talk to me! It shouldn't be this hard to open up to me. We're mates treat me like one!"

"Mates!" He shouts back making me jump. I have heard him raise his voice, just never at me. As soon as I feel myself shrink back, I snap back and push his chest steeling my spine. I stand straight up glaring back at him, refusing to back down.

"Yes, mates." I reply, staring at his burning eyes. I won't show him how scared of him I am, but I know he can feel it. I try to calm my racing heart and control my breathing.

"I know about Alpha Thompson telling you to mark me and you haven't said a word about it. Second thoughts, babe?" He questions, his anger intensifying.

Confused and surprised he would think I was changing my mind, I open my mouth to respond and nothing comes out. "You're not getting out of this. You're mine."

Finding my voice finally, I respond softly, "I wouldn't want it any other way. I was going to tell you. I just wanted to talk to you first."

He scoffs and turns around walking to the bathroom, slamming the door. He doesn't believe me! I grit me teeth and storm towards the closed door. I turn the knob and push it open with all my strength, hearing the satisfying bang against the wall. The shower is running and Lennox has his shirt off, he drops it to the floor and I cross my arms glaring at him.

"If you want me as a mate then start treating me like one. You're the only one I want, but I need to know you think of me as someone you can talk to, someone you can confide in. Otherwise, we're nothing. I realize you think you're protecting me but you're not, you're alienating me from your life." I explain sadly, practically begging him to see what he's doing to us.

He nods stiffly, I can see he's taking in my words and thinking about what I'm saying. "I didn't see it like that." I watch as he turns off the shower and looks back at me.

"I know. That's why I wanted to talk to you first." I say, feeling like a ton of bricks being lifted off of me. This is what he's feeling, he thought the worst and instead of confronting me about it he's carried it around all day. Feeling sorry that I didn't address the issue, I see that he's not the only one not communicating openly. I should have told him about the marking sooner.

He steps towards me and I meet him. He wraps his arms around me and leans down nuzzling his face in my hair. "So, no second thoughts?" He inquires, needing reassurance.

I smile. "No. No, second thoughts. Just anger with you for spearing my feelings and not being truthful with me."

"I felt that. I knew you were upset when I left. I promise you, you won't feel that way ever again." He states, firmly.

I hug him tighter. "I love you."

He pulls away and bends down looking under the sink cabinet. When he stands back up he has a box of condoms. "Oh, now you want to play it safe." I say, smirking.

"It's not that I want to, just that I will until you're ready."

"Thank you." I reply, happy that he's taking my feelings into account.

He nods and sets the condoms on the counter top. He steps closer bringing his hands to rest on my hips and lifts me until I'm sitting next to the box of condoms with my legs spread and him standing between them.

Kissing me sweetly and pulling away. His eyes burn into mine. "Mark me." He orders, softly his voice sounding husky.

"Now?" I ask, stupidly.

"Now." he replies.

"Shouldn't we do that in bed?" I question, knowing that a true mating can be very intense and sexual. Agreeing that the counter-top isn't the best place to consummate our mating he carries me and the box of condoms to the bed.

{Sexually Explicit}

    Lennox lays me on the bed and undresses me slowly. His eyes touching every part of my body, like he's committing it to memory. His rough hands caress the most sensitive parts of my skin making it burn and tingle with need. When the time comes for him to undress, I watch him utterly entranced by the movement of his muscles as he works on such a simple task.

I can't keep from blushing as he opens the box of condoms and puts one on. He watches me the whole time never breaking eye contact. When he leans over me kissing me deeply I moan with excitement and dig my fingers in his hair. Feeling him enter me I pull away from the kiss and pull his hair until he exposes the side of his neck. I lick the spot I'm about to mark and hear him groan. Putting my mouth on his neck I bite down until the skin breaks and the taste of blood reaches my tongue. Instantly a flood of sensations comes over me, changing me. I feel myself become more aware and the mark on my neck burns slightly.

The need to be fulfilled is overwhelming as Lennox slams himself into me with an almost brutal force. I feel my pleasure mounting with each thrust and call out his name in a haze of passion. By the time Lennox finds his release my legs are sore and I've reached pleasure repeatedly.

My eye lids heavy, I curl up to Lennox's warm body murmuring, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Is his reply, before I feel him shift and leave the bed. I open one eye and watch him sleepily. He goes to his discarded pants and takes out the black ring box and walks back to the bed with it. Sliding back under the covers he pulls me to his side and opens the box. "I wanted to give you this. It was my grandmothers." He takes out the princess cut diamond ring and shows it to me.

"Its beautiful." I say, as he slides it on my hand. "Thank you."

"Almost as beautiful as you." He says, kissing the ring on my finger and looking into my eyes. I know at this moment I couldn't love him more.

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