Chapter 1

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Fitting in a new school is what almost everyone strives for. They need the assurance that they will be welcomed, but that wasn't the case for Harry. He was aware that he was attractive and because of that, he kept to himself.

He never tried fitting in in previous schools simply because always having the attention on you was just so overwhelming. So when his parents told him that they would be moving once again, he sighed and nodded. There wasn't much he could do.

And as he got closer to his new school, he knew that he would have try his hardest to stay out of view. But he had a feeling that that wants going to be case.

He sighed and parked his car before heading towards the office. He made sure to pull his hoodie over his head and avoided eye contact with everyone. He adjusted his backpack over his shoulder and entered the office.

Everything was definitely different from any other school offices he's seen. He found himself liking this one. And he had liked the staff on how polite and helpful they have been with getting him settled.

He gathered his things and walked out of the office and headed down the halls to find his locker. Blended in with the crowd and stayed out of sight from everyone. He lowered down his hoodie as he came to his locker and got familiar with his space.

He sighed and looked at the time. He still had about thirty minutes until his first class started. And it being his last year of high school, he had to make sure that everything went smoothly and nothing distracted him from achieving his goal.

But bad luck seemed to be on his side because soon enough, he had people coming up to him. And most of them were girls. All asking if he was single. And that was what annoyed him the most. He didn't have any interest in them, but they were all very persistent on getting his number.

He declined every single one and headed to where his first class would be. He sighed in relief as he saw that the class was empty for now and chose a seat in the back. He pulled out a notebook and got settled in his seat.

And as more students started to pile in, he knew that today was going to be a long day. Specially with everyone glancing his way and a couple more girls making his way over to him. He shook his head in disbelief rolled his eyes at the couple guys that were glaring his way.

He pushed away anyone that so much as breathed near him. This is what he hated about having all the attention on him. He focused on the lesson wrote everything that he wil need. Nobody bothered him for the remainder of the class, but as soon as the bell rung, he had multiple girls around him.

"So, what's your name?" One of them asked. Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Harry." He said and he swore that these girls couldn't get any more annoying. They fanned themselves as they heard his thick British accent.

"Well, Harry, I think we are going to get to know each other rather well." Another one purred and he mentally shuddered upon hearing her fail miserably on being sexy.

"Sorry, that isn't my forte." He politely declined and went to walk away. But with a group of girls hovering near him, it was impossible.

"What? Are you gay?" Another asked and Harry huffed annoyed.

"No, I'm not gay, but I'm simply not interested in with any of you in any shape or form. Sloppy seconds ain't my style." Harry said and some of the girls had offended looks on their faces. They walked away, but the rest still stayed with him.

Questioning him down to the core. And that was how it had been for the rest of the day. And it had turned out that one of the girls that had talk to him today, managed to get everyone to leave him alone towards the end of the day.

"So Harry, if you're British, why on earth would you move to the US?" The girl asked. Which turned out that her name was Michelle. He simply shrugged and explained how his parents were always moving due to their jobs.

"Anyways, once again, I apologize on behalf of those girls that were bugging you all day. But at least be grateful that the famous Niall hasn't gotten back from his family trip. Now he, is worse than all those girls combined." Michelle said and Harry sighed and leaned against his locker.

"Really? What does he look like so that I can stay away from him." He asked.

Michelle chuckled. "Oh you'll know who he is. He's... very out there. And he just so happens to be my best friend. So I know his ways. And staying clear of his path is the best you can do. He's stubborn as hell and doesn't give up." Michelle said and Harry groaned.

He didn't want some guy chasing after him. Specially after only being here for such a short period of time. He heard the girl beside him laugh and then dismissed herself. He muttered a farewell to her and watched her leave.

Once she was out of sight, he walked outside to his car and drove home. Today had been an eventful day and Harry was ready to simply go home and sleep. He didn't want to deal with anyone anymore.

But he knew that come tomorrow, more people would have found out about him being there and more people will be trying to befriend him. And like in his previous schools, he was going to do everything in his power to avoid them.

And as he arrived at his house, he let out a sigh and sat in his car for a while before he got out of his car and went inside the house. And like always, he was met with silence. And just like he was used to this, he headed up the stairs and dropped himself on his bed.

"I hate that this is only the first day." 

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