The Parents

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"Come on or we'll be late!" I shouted to my boyfriend, Alec, who was taking his sweet time walking down the stairs. Alec just smiled at me, his gaze traveling down my body, covered in a yellow sundress, which contrasted against my raven black hair. My green eyes held annoyance as I waited for him to finally reach the bottom. "Took you long enough."

Alec wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, nuzzling his face in my neck. His facial hair tickled me and I wound my arms around his neck. "You're weirdly anxious to see my parents." he mumbled, kissing his way slowly up the side of my neck. My eyes fluttered close at the feeling of his lips on me.

"I just wanna get it over with." I replied as his hands ran down my back to cup my ass. I gasped when he sucked the skin of my neck into his mouth, a flash of desire shooting to my groin. He had just given me new panties and they were about to be soaked if he didn't stop. "Alec....Alec!"

"Fine." he reluctantly let me go, but not before pressing his finger to the sensitive mark he most likely made. His hazel eyes narrowed as he smiled, his long hair framing his face. "Let's go."

The trip to his parents place didn't take long at all and I was getting nervous every second we got closer. From what Alec described, his parents were really down to earth and sometimes clueless, but that didn't ease my nervousness. During the ride, I kept shifting to adjust the panties Alec got for me. It seemed a bit lumpy, but he assured me that it was because of the decoration on it.

"How do I look?" I asked as he pulled up in his parents' driveway. I fluffed my hair and ran my fingers through it in case there were some knots that I missed.

"Babe, you look fine." Alec assured, but I continued looking in the mirror.

"Are you sure because-" His lips cut me off, moving against mine suddenly. I reacted immediately, reaching up to thread my fingers through his hair. His kiss was animalistic and rough, and I was wet in an instant. I groaned against his lips as heat coursed through my veins.

"Come here." He grabbed my waist and in one smooth motion, moved his seat back and unbuckled his pants, letting his large cock swing free. I thanked the gods I was wearing a dress because Alec moved my panties to the side and dragged me down on his member, a loud moan escaping my lips as he stretched me out.

"Fuck." Holding on to his shoulders, I lifted myself off his cock and lowered myself again, mewling sounds leaving me as he filled me up. I felt like I was on fire and I wanted to burn. Alec thrusted upwards, grunting as he drove himself deep inside of me. He didn't wait for me to adjust as his fingers dug into my waist while he fucked me.

His heavy ball sac slapped against the bottom of my ass and the wet sound of my pussy filled the car. It didn't matter to me that we were in his parents driveway and that the car was probably rocking hard. I just wanted him to fuck me until I couldn't remember my name.

Desire overwhelmed me and I felt the rush of my orgasm coming in strong, but I didn't want to finish just yet. I screamed and threw my head back when he thrusted into me at an angle, hitting that spot repeatedly.

"Goddamn, Jessie." Alec rumbled out, putting his lips on my neck as he held me tight and pounded into me with such an intensity, my eyes rolled back into my head. Pleasure ignited through my body and my orgasm was right there. Just as I was about to come, Alec's phone started ringing. I was going to ignore it, but Alec stopped, our breaths coming out in pants.

"Why'd you stop?" I asked, flexing my fingers on his scalp.

"My mom." He waved his phone before answering it. "Hey ma, what's up?" he asked and I heard a voice through the phone speaking rapidly. "Yes, we're pulling up now. Uh, huh. Love you too." He hung up and looked at me apologetically.

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