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Silenced I walk door to door in shame
As I blame myself for every flaw I have
embedded into my soul.

You stitched my lips
Tied my tongue so tight
I can't fight so instead I flee west
Aim my flight at my descent to the
Mansions of Rest.

Existence is a blur and nothing seems
to ignite the light that may still be inside my heart...
I smell smoke and ash: the remains of everything and everyone I have ever loved.

Oh, you, my guilt.
Laughing as I stagger through life in pain
forced to refrain from crying out for help.

While others act on theirs
You lock me away and soon...

I'm forgotten.

Drowning in the essence of your name.

Not even a second of kneeling down
To any god or fate itself can rid me of you
I know.

No amount of water could ever wash you away
from my soul
I know.

You have me locked up
Knocked out
Bruised and in pain
Forever drowning

In the essence of your name.


My biggest flaw.
My enemy.

You are the one to blame.

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