|Negan| "Get The Girl..." {Part Two Of Two.}

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'We're on easy street, and it feels so sweet

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'We're on easy street, and it feels so sweet.'

The song played through your ears, to be honest, you didn't mind it, in fact, you slowly began to sing along, yes you hated being here, but if you behaved you'd get the best care.

"When the world is but a treat, and we're on easy street." You sang as you sat in the cell, swaying your head side to side.

--- Dwights POV ---

"Nothing can shut her up..." I muttered, looking towards Negan.

Negan smirked, his white teeth showing.

"Thinking of adding her to my collection..."

I looked to him, in slight disgust. He was going to ask Y/N to be another one of his wives... I was quite fond of Y/N, I mean her voice was amazing, however recently you could tell she was breaking down... Negan walked towards her cell, knocking on it loudly with Lucille. Her singing stopped, I opened the door for Negan, and he stepped inside.

--- Your POV ---

You stood leaned against the wall, your boots tapping the wall behind you. Your E/C eyes looked towards the door as Negan stepped through. The smile that was on your face changed to a frown as you looked at him.

"Damn... Cheer up..."

"... Well, look what the cat dragged in..."

So much for being respectful and courteous.

"Woah Woah Woah, easy there... Show a little respect. After all, I want to make a proposition."

You glanced at Dwight before looking back at Negan.

"I'm listening..." You put on a fake smile.

"Well there isn't going to be a big ceremony and all but... Would you honor me by being my wife."

"You think that offering me to be one of your many wives is going to make me wander out this cell with you."

"Wait how did you know..."

"I have my sources... We're on easy street, and it feels so sweet- Umph!" Negan forced you against the wall placing Lucille very close to your face. You gritted your teeth and smirked slightly

"Easy now..." You chuckled.

"Someone has way too much confidence..." He growled. "Now then... I suggest you take the easy way out... Or you'll be working down with the rest of them..." He placed Lucille next to your head, the wire tangling itself in your hair. Your confidence quickly fell once more as you whimpered feeling his hand around your neck.

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