What's Your Problem?

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Stevie left after crying all night. We didn't share much either. I let her cry without asking any questions. Maybe I should've though. I was starring blankly in front of until I heard the front door opening. "Hey Ally, why are you still up? Don't you have school tomorrow?" asked my mom as she closed the door behind her. "It's nothing, mom. Really. Like you'd care anyway." I said as I stormed to the stairs and went to my room.

I crashed on my bed and took my phone out. I scrolled through my messages and stopped when I saw Stevie's number. I stared at it for a while and decided to text her. "Hey, you home?" After what felt like an eternity, she texted back with "yes :)". I took my phone typed one last message and turned the lights off.


"Good" was the last message I got from her. Wow. She's so cold. I stopped for a minute, thinking if I should thank her for tonight. But I refrained from doing so, thinking I would disrupt her. I stared at my ceiling, not able to sleep. I was thinking. Thinking about my life. Thinking about Ally. Her eyes. Her smile. Even if she didn't smile much when she was with me.


The morning after, I got up early so I wouldn't be late for school. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. I was about to leave when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Ally, I think we need to talk." said my mom, coffee in her other hand. "No mom, I don't think so. I need to go now."

The ride to school was pretty boring. Some random music was blasting through my headphones. "... HILLS!" I heard someone scream. Danny was sitting beside me, his hand on our seat and the other on the seat in front of us. "I've been talking to you since I got in the bus. Didn't you ear me?" asked Danny. "Apparently not." I said, taking my headphones off. "Is someone dead Hills? What's happening to you?" he said. I looked at him faked a smile and said "nothing, why are you asking, Danny?" He took one off his hands and put it on my leg. "You seem pretty off dude. What is it?" he asked, concerned. "Nothing to worry about. Just my love life I guess." I said. He looked away for a second, rolling his eyes. "It's Stevie, isn't it?" he said. "How did you know?" I asked. "Well, you've never looked this sad before Ally. And you've been pouting since you kissed Stevie." he answered. I put my headphones back on as he turned to look at the front of the bus.

"Go on, don't stop talking, I'm not even here!" I yelled as I saw Stevie and her friends near my locker. "Hey Ally!" Stevie said as she turned around. "Do you wanna join us for lunch?" she added. I looked at her, almost in shock. "You know what? I'll have to pass on this offer." I said, resuming my walk toward my friends.


"What was that, Stevie?" asked Rose. "I don't know, she's being weird..." I answered. I grabbed my books and got ready to go to class. I saw Ally all alone after her friends left to grab their things. She was looking down at the floor. It was not the Ally I've seen. "I... I gotta go girls. I'll see you at lunch!" I said and walk to Ally. I sat next to her and said "hey, how are you?" She looked at me and got up instantly. "Go back to your friends Stevie. You don't wanna hang out with me." she said as she walked away. "Ally, just wait!" I said as I got my arm out to stop her. But I accidentally touched her butt when she stopped abruptly. "I, uh sorry for that..." I said shyly. She laughed a bit and said "you're so innocent Stevie." She walked away once again as I was starring at her, amazed. I was getting angry second after second so I followed her, wherever she was going.


"Innoncent, uh?" I heard Stevie yell behind me. I didn't even had the time to turn around that Stevie was already inches away from me. I backed off a bit, scared of what would happen next. She pushed me against the nearest wall, proving that she was taller than me. "What are you doing, Stevie?" I asked, searching for my breath. "I'm just being the innocent little girl I've been told I am." She said. My legs were shaking, I couldn't breathe and my hands were wet. She inched closer, slowly. She was starring directly into my eyes, knowing exactly what she was doing. Suddenly, I felt her lips on mine and closed my eyes. "What do you want from me, Stevie?" I asked as I interrupted the kiss, breathless. She pushed me against the wall once again and kissed me harder. I grabbed her ass and got her closer to me. It was getting pretty heated until Stevie backed out of the kiss. "So, I'll see you at lunch?" she said as she walked away.

Hey friends! I'm back! I finally changed my mind and decided to continue this story. Sorry I've been MIA for a long time!

Let me know what you think! Have a good day :) 

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