I walked into my room, half afraid of what she was doing in here. Liam wasn’t around, so this was even more weird. She wasn’t just around me cause she had to be. Danielle was sitting on the edge of my bed, tapping away on her phone, until she noticed that I was standing in the doorway, then she looked up at me. 

“I know we didn’t have the best start. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t so sure about you at first. What the other boys have said is right, there hasn’t been any other girl in Liam’s life besides me, that he’s cared about this much. Its taking me some time to get used to it... and i’m willing to accept the fact that your like his daughter, so he needs to spend time with you, as well as me.” she said to me. 

“I thought you hated me.” I said to her.

“I never hated you. It was a new experience for me, as it was for you and Liam also. But i’m here now because I can see how much you like Harry, and how much he likes you. Harry told Liam how tonights gonna go down, and then Liam came to me. You’re going to look stunning by the time i’m done with you. Change, we’re gonna go shopping.” she said to me. I smiled and put on the outfit in my bathroom that she laid out, which was really cute and something I never would have thought of myself. I put on my gladiator sandals and grabbed my purse and followed her out. 

“I know the best place in East London to go to. I know, East London is the oddest place for shopping, but its fantastic. Liam gave you money by the way, but you don’t need to worry about that. My treat.” she said, smiling. 

“I can’t let you do that!” I protested.

“Yes you can. Its my way of saying ‘i’m sorry’ for the past two weeks, okay?” she said to me as we got in the cab. She told the driver the address and he told her the fee, so it gave her enough time to find the money before we got to the location. “We can give him the satisfaction of using his money for something. He can pay cab fares. And food.” she said to me. We had more time to kill until we got to the store, so in that time we chatted.  I knew a bit about Danielle, like the fact that she was a dancer on the X Factor, but thats about it. Turns out she has a sister, and she’s been in a couple of music videos. I attempted to tell her about me, but i’m a boring person to begin with, so there wasn’t much to say. 

“How long have you liked Harry?” she asked me. 

“I don’t know. I always thought he was pretty cute, but I guess after our day out when I first got here I really noticed. When I noticed how nice he is, and sweet.... and how he listened to me, for a change.” I said to her. She looked interested in what I was saying, for once. I was surprised at how she had changed her opinion so quickly about me. I wondered if Liam had anything to do with it... which he probably did. But if she offered.... then I don’t know what i’ll do with myself. 

“Oh look, we’re here!” she said, paying the driver and exiting the car. I followed her and she waited for me on the side. “So, the store that i’m thinking of might be all the way down there... its been a while since i’ve shopped here.” she said to me. I just nodded and followed her, sure enough, hitting the store. I told her my size and she went off, and so did I. I found a red dress that i liked, and I also found a purple one. At the last minute,  I found a black halter one that I adored. Even if I didn’t buy this one for the date, I was buying it anyways. I’ll use Liam’s money for that one. I ended up finding Danielle, who had two armfuls of dresses. 

“One arm is yours.” she said to me, handing me that arm. I took them all and we went to the dressing room. She requested that I show her how I looked in every dress, and we gave each other our opinions of each other in the dresses. We finally got through the piles, and then we hit the last one, which was my favorite one, the black halter. 

“Oh my god, that ones fantastic.” she said as she saw me. I spun around for her. “Yes, thats the one!” she said to me.

“I loved this one when I saw it on the rack.” I said to her, going over to the mirror. 

“And it looks fabulous on you.” she said to me.

“This is the one for tonight. I think I got a pair of shoes yesterday in Paris that I managed to sneak by Liam...” I said, still trying to figure out how I was going to make this work. I didn’t have any clue what I was going to do about my hair, but i’ll figure that out when I get there.

“Lets change so we can check out and get back to the flat.” she said. 


Turns out after we finished shopping, which was two hours later, Louis and Eleanor had returned, so once I walked into the room, Eleanor attacked me. She washed my hair in the tub using the shower handle and blow dryed it and curled it. Danielle did my make-up, and once that was done I stepped into my dress. While I did that, they searched for my Paris bag that I had thrown on my floor somewhere that held my heels. I sat down on my bed and played with my fingers, trying to entertain myself and distract myself at the same time. They came over to me and looked at me, while I slipped on the shoes they handed me.

“It’s gonna be great, trust me.” Danielle said to me. I looked over at the time and saw that it was now 6, and that Harry should be here. I collected my things and went down the stairs, spying Harry in the living room.

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