9. A World Without Truths

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With the other men preoccupied with interrogating Keu's protector, Spring stood on the other side of the hall with his back pressed against the wall and a figure leaning almost flushed on his body. The duct had broken, but, unlike his companions, he had been caught in the air and dragged around the corner before he had the chance to even react. When the figure backed away from him, Spring opened his eyes to see who had caught him, finding his heart jolt into his throat. He choked on it for a moment. Standing before him was that man with the haunting blue eyes... What was his name... Eon?

That name didn't seem to fit the intensity of the sapphire orbs that penetrated his skin or the dark presence that flooded his being. This man deserved another name, one that had etched itself into the heart that begged to get away in the form of memories not of his own. A name that echoed when his mind and soul were separate- he just couldn't find it in the rush of adrenaline that reminded him of the blaze tearing up his throat. His eyes were as soft as they had been since the day he broke up his fight with Autumn, and yet he couldn't stop the fear ripping through him.

Eon, perhaps sensing his distress, averted his gaze and placed his hands in the pockets of his uniform so that his towering form was much less intimidating. Still, Spring couldn't bring himself to relax around him, and instead he peered at him from as far away as he could muster against the wall behind him in the narrow hallway that they stood in.

"W-What are you doing here?" Spring asked.

"I should ask you the same," Eon replied. "You weren't in first class today, so I suspected something. I followed that woman in case she decided to spill my name, but I made sure that she won't." Spring's eyes widened.

"Wait, you're the one who sent me all of those gifts?" He questioned the man. "Why?"

"You're favorite Earth animal... It's the bear, right?" Eon muttered, face a slight shade of pink. Spring's own face went scarlet. "I know because... You told me that. I just wish I'd listened more so I could have offered you other things... But I remember that."

Spring swallowed. What was he talking about? They had hardly ever spoken more than three words to each other, and the first two times they met he'd knocked him to the floor and scolded him- let alone actually divulged things that he liked to him as if they were friends. He wondered if then, maybe, that had something to do with the cryptic whispers he was constantly giving him. Did he remember him? Did he dream about him? Maybe the guy was onto something. Spring had always had memories from someone else that he couldn't explain. Was Eon somehow part of it?

"I a-appreciate the gifts but... W-Who are you... Really?" Spring whispered. Eon glanced up at him. He seemed almost guilty. Then, he opened his mouth to speak, when the boy's ears twitched at the sound of Keu and a woman squabbling. "Why does she have to keep it a secret if you told me already?"

"That rich brat and street clown don't need to be getting the wrong impression of me. I will destroy them when the time comes," Eon replied. Spring's heart quivered.

"W-Well, what makes you think she won't tell them!" He protested.

"Because she's not real."

Spring froze. She wasn't real? The only possible explanation for that would be that he had created her, meaning that she was an illusion- which could only lead to the conclusion that this man that snuck through the shadows was...

"That's right," the man whispered, placing his hands on the wall on each side of the boy's head. "I'm a deceptive." The boy's teeth clenched, heart deflated. A deceptive... That was even more frightening than dark magic. "But you have to promise me you won't tell Tyramil," he continued, leaning his lips inches from his ear. Spring was almost panting now. His body was numb. Somehow, he knew he was talking about not talking to Autumn. He was scared of this man, but how could he not tell his protector something so crucial? "If you don't, I promise I won't kill him."

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