Tonight, The Vilainess Will Flip The Sky 1

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Mikka's POV (Mikayuki)

Yaaay!! Today, I finally went to school! Its called Calm before a Storm!!

I thought I could show off and be a proper arrogant girl of a villainess but soon... I realized;

(MIKAYUKI'S HEAD IS.... EMPTY?!!!!) There's only images of bishies that I can divide into three categories of Uke, Seme and Seke!

Why didn't she study?! What the hell is going on here!!!

For the whole class, I gritted my teeth in anger and glare at my books. After class, I asked Sora and Tsukasa to accompany me to the library....

"Milady... finally wants to learn???" Stars appeared in his eyes as I say those line. Damn, it's bright!

"Ye-yeah.... you guys are cool right? Please choose a book that's easy for me to understand"

Both Tsukasa and Sora rushed towards the library. I thought I only need to read a book or two but....

"How... how come....!!!" I stared at the mountain of books in front of me in awe and shock.

"Milady... ever since you came to Riveria, you never studied even once. You're too stupid and ignore those insults for the sake of finding a boy"

Did I? Mikayuki!!! You are so gonna die because you just made me read this whole mountain of...



Mikayuki's gone and it changed to Claire. Oh for Pete's Sake! I rather study than be unprepared-Makya!!! I am a Villainess!!

While I am reading at the library, I heard whispers every where....

"She's Mikayuki Elicia... right?? That boy chaser??"

"Dude, I heard because of a commoner dirtying her shoe, she tried to kill her with a wine bottle!"

"What a mad woman... she should be expelled...."

Hearing all of those whispers, I feel like I should come over to them and throw these books at their faces!!!!!

Boy chaser?!!


I took the books away and told Sora and Tsukasa to wait for me... outside.

When they left, all the stares directed at me intensified....

I don't wanna be angry at them but the way they're taking me feels as if I need to unleash I's wrath.

Let's see....

>Threathen them with Status (30%)
>Unleash I's Wrath (90%)
>Leave and Just Glare (LOYALTY DOWN!)

Action number two it is....!

"Such a shameless group... If you want to talk bad about me, you should've bring it to my face...." I sent everyone present a chilling glare.

Thank god Mikayuki's face is like this!!!!!

Now then... I hope my magic is not really Zero!!! (You sure you're gonna do it???)


(You'll become a full blown enemy to them if you do it)

(And that is my wish!) After that, Nox didn't make any sound.

Wow, he's more submissive-Kappa! Is there some kind of hidden plot....??

I'm not interested.... while smiling like a freak in a victorious mood,

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