First Day

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Another part. Enjoy :)
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The guy made an eye contact with Jungkook barely for one second, before turning his gaze away and walking down the corridor towards the elevator.

Okay, I guess that was it, for the introductuon...

He followed the guy, because he also needed to use the elevator. He hesitated.

God damn it. I don't want to take the same elevator as him.

So he started to fidget as he was walking towards his new neighbor, who was standing few paces in front of him, staring blankly at the elevator floor display.

Oh shit. Think of something!

Jungkook was uncomfortable around strangers. Around people in general. He found it difficult to iniciate a conversation. And the guy didn't look like the friendliest type.

I'm just gonna take the stairs, yeah that's it!... But I'm late... it will take forever...

His heart was beating fast, thinking of ways how to get out of this situation, as he was approaching the stranger. He could see the side profile of his handsome face clearer and clearer. A sharp jawline, defined nose, large eyes... Jungkook somehow couldn't take his eyes off of that face. He was getting too close and started to panic.

An idea came to his mind. He'd stopped, dropped his backpack on the floor and untied his shoe lace quickly. Then slowly started tying it up again, keeping his eyes pinned to the floor.

What the hell am I doing?

He heard the elevator door opening and then closing again. With hesitation he peeked up, still kneeling down. The guy was gone. Jungkook hastily tied his shoe lace and rushed to press the elevator button.

I swear to God, if I'm gonna be late on my first day because of that, I'm gonna slap myself. Because of 'that'? Because of that guy. Screw him! Or maybe screw myself...

Frustrated "ugh" escaped his mouth. He really hated small talk and introducing himself to new people, that's why he mostly avoided people. He would always feel uncomfortable and awkward. But for some reason he'd felt shy when his new neighbor locked eyes with him, just for that one second.

The elevator door opened and brought him back to reality. He saw his reflection in the elevator mirror. His face was flushed.

I look like a mess...

He pressed the first floor and used those few seconds in front of the mirror to finally tie his tie. He had no idea what he was doing and it ended up looking really sloppy, but at this point he didn't care. All that mattered was to get to school on time.

He stumbled out of the elevator, when it had reached the first floor and prayed that he won't miss the bus. The bus stop wasn't far from the apartment complex entrance, so he ran as fast as he could.

Please let me make it, please, please, please...

The air was cold, stinging his lungs, making his eyes water. He could see the outline of the bus stop. And also something else.


There he was. Standing with hands in his pockets, at the bus stop. Morning sun shining at his face, his breath visible in the cold air. Jungkook's neighbor.

 Jungkook's neighbor

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