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Alexia POV.

uhhh i can't friggin sleeep...these loud a$$ bxtches next door are f*****g with the noise level i don't know who they are..but they're about to find out who alexia rodriguez is!....yea yea yea.i know i'm 'supposed to be the good girl' but don't mess with me cause  i can go from all beverly hills all prissy to straight foward ghetto...i bet lexy and riah didn't get any sleep yet.

lexy: alex lets go over there..now !!

 They leave and literally bang on the room opposite to theirs.As the door opened, alexia got ready for pure raw language to escape her mouth but instead she couldn't find it in her.

Alexia:seriously...why are you guys making so much noise , have a little class for crying out loud.


alexis:why are you smirking?

diggy:cuz she's cute when she's mad

sariah:alex gotta a little growing romance with lover boy over here.

alex(blushing hard):shut up !

diggy: yo jacob,prince, come holla at your girls.....be right back beautiful*winks*\

alexia(whispers to the girlls): the things i wanna do to that boygirls:we know..imagine in our heads. soon after they invited the girls in....OMG GIRLZ stayed in the same suite but just different rooms but made themselves present when the girls arrived...espescially since they were only in booty shorts and cami"s.prodigy(sighs loudly)sariah:what's the matter hun?prod:nothin just bored ,tired and hungryalexia:i can take care of the hungry...snacks for every1 !!1(she left to get the snackssoon enough all the girls including omg left the room..              *with the girls*sariah pov.we were on our way back from getting our requirements since it was decided that we were going to spend the night....yea ikr !!!! MB, DIGGY AND JACOB..AHHHHHHH..LITTLE DO THEY KNOW HOW MUCH WE WANT TO EXPLODE INSIDE BUT JUST KEEPING OUR COOL. but anyways on our way back we heard the guys conversing...yea yea..i know it's wrong to easedrop..but we heard our name calling...so curiosity got the best of us.           *WITH THE BOYS*prince:these girls are amazing :)jacob:yeaa buddy...i mean i think i like sariahroc royal:you think ?ray ray: you know what all yall shut up all those girls could have all of yall whipped if they wanted.diggy:i hate to say it but he's right bout thatprodigy:he was referring to you todiggy: o.O prince:man...i am willing to put my past aside for this girl..she seems.....different. :)jacob:yea man i mean....idk...i just really like her and it's been what..2days...i don't know whats wrong with me but i'm just gonna go with the flow.diggy(quiet)roc:diggy..man wassup wid u ?ray:yea man why you so quiet?diggy:man i don't knowprince:oh no you're supposed to be the player and it's like alex got u twisteddiggy:man stfu !!jacob:you like her don't you?diggy:dude no...prince:man i let things go..it's about time you trusted girls again !jacob,roc,jawan(he just appeared out of no-where),prod&ray:yea mandiggy: WTF guys, don't you get it...she's just another chick in the book to f*** and let go.   (then out of no-where...the girls appeared)alexia(in a mellow voice): you son of a bxtch!          every1 looked in shock in their directionjacob*whispered*:oh f**ksariah:i heard that !alexis:diggy you're such a bastard !diggy:look let me explainalexia:f**k you..ok daniel ! i just wasted my time even looking at you..was that seriously your intension? cause no mattter what the situation,you still wasn't f****g me !! give me the the impression you like me then say this mess that's just wrongdiggy(uh oh..she's really pissed and i know because people always use my real name when they're pissed....i grabbed her hand and pleaded,i looked into her eyes and said sorry, all i saw was hurt,hate and many other emotions....i can't believe i said that)

alexis:diggy let her go!!jacob:digg !diggy:not until she talks to me!*SLAP*DIGGY LETS HER GO.alexia:sorry doesn't always fix things(she leaves out the door to their suite)alexis:seriously diggy only 2 days of barely knowing you& you do this...you're pathetic(she goes after her sister)sariah:stooped that low...probably it would have been better if we never met yall.....sadly we did...diggy i'm gonna be the cool one here which is normally alexia's job and say that if you really didn't mean what you said you gotta fix thisdiggy:i knowsariah:she ain't the easiest shell to crack..i love my sister&you did this to her&yet i'm still here and it's only because i see the emotions in your eyes..but i'm not going to help yall physically but i'll make sure she comes to her senses......she always liked you diggy...nice way to F*** it up  AND WITH THAT SHE LEFT WITHOUT ANOTHER WORD..NOT EVEN TO JACOB                            next chapter up in less than an 30-40 minutes

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