Chapter four

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Angel's POV

It was 7 o'clock in the evening and my first day at the cafe was nearing its end. I was exhausted, both because of work and getting rid of those strangers-twins was REALLY hard. I pushed them out about a half an hour ago. And yes, making them leave took me almost the whole day. A WHOLE FUDGING DAY. It was my first day of working here!

And I must tell you, the whole ordeal with those twins left me nearly out of breath.


"Okay, umm... Could you guys please go now?"

At that sentence, they started growling and whimpering, circled their hands around my waist and nuzzled their noses into my neck.



What was with these guys and nuzzling and sniffing my neck?!

Like seriously, everytime they have gotten upset they come and nuzzle my neck.

Is it just me who thinks that nuzzling a stranger's neck is weird? Because clearly they think it's normal. COMPLETELY normal.

Maybe they do it on a daily basis? Nuzzling and sniffing and hugging strangers. Then again, they don't really look like that kind of people.

"Like, you really shouldn't be here. I have work to do and I don't know either of you so... shoo-shoo."

They just growled. Again.

Doesn't that hurt their throats?

I mean, they growl more than they talk. These two are more like wild animals than humans, I'm not joking.

"I mean it. Get off me. NOW."

They whimpered, but pulled away. Looking at me, their eyes widened and sad, making them once again look like lost little puppies. Two adorable little-

No Angel, no. Don't fall for their puppy eyes. You need to focus.

They are two complete strangers who just randomly came and hugged you. Now focus on that one thought, don't let their big eyes carry you away.

"Out of this cafe right now. Shoo-shoo. Get out. Bad puppies. Out, OUT."

I somehow managed to push them out and lock the door, flipping the sign on the door so that it said 'closed' on the outside.

When I saw them walking away, heads down, I felt a pull in my heart and felt... guilty? No no no Angel, you're not feeling guilty. Nope, nope, nopety nope.

I sighed in relief and leaned my back on the door.

After a few minutes of staring into empty space I decided to clean the tables, floor and the counter.

When that was done, I was ready to go home. I said goodnight to Sarah and went out the door, onto the street.


I was walking down the street when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind. I was going to scream but they clamped their hand over my mouth.

I started to struggle, scared for my life but they just held on tighter.

"It's okay, little one. Everything's okay. You're safe, shhhh."


I recognized that voice... it's one of the twins. Oh no, this won't end well.

I started to struggle even more.

"Hey hey hey, calm down little one."

I didn't listen to him, how the heck am I supposed to calm down at a moment like this?!

My holder sighed.

"I guess you leave us no choice, little one."

Wait US????? The other twin is somewhere here too??

Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the twins coming closer with something that looked like a syringe in his hand. And that syringe was filled with some liquid.

I tried to wriggle out of my captor's grasp because syringes filled with unknown liquids are never good. NEVER.

My trashing around didn't seem to really bother them because a few seconds later I felt something pricking my neck and I started feeling drowsy.

"We're sorry for doing it like that, princess, but we need you with us."

I felt myself being moved around so that my hands went around someone's neck and my legs around their torso.

Both twins sat into a car and that's all I felt before everything around me went black and I passed out.


I woke up, feeling a little cold.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the ceiling-

Wait a second, that's not my room.


I shot up and was awake immediately. Looking around I realized that this was most definitely NOT my room. The room was mostly pale blue, white and grey. Oh and did I mention that the room was huge? I mean, the bed I slept on could easily fit ten adults.

There was a giant window with a window seat and massive doors made of dark wood which I was sure will take me out of the room.

The room was truly glorious but I don't have time to explore, I need to find a way out of here.

I opened the big wooden doors and just like I had guessed, I was met with a long hall which was empty. This must be the master's bedroom but it doesn't really matter to me. At the end of the hall was a staircase leading downstairs.

I sprinted down the hall towards the staircase as quickly and quietly as I could. I reached downstairs and found myself in a huge kitchen. The kitchen was marvellous just like the bedroom I fled from but there was a tiny little problem in the kitchen.

No, I didn't see a spider. It was worse (hard to believe, I know).

Someone was here and that someone was staring at me with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

She was older than me, kind of reminding me of my mum...

Holy schnitzels, what if she was their mum?

I mean, there were some similarities between them like the tan skin, the sky blue eyes...

I have to get out of here before she alerts anyone. Especially the twins.

Looking around the kitchen, there were two doorways that led out. One was behind me and would take me back upstairs, the other one was next to the woman.

Trying to figure out if I was fast enough to get past her and through the door, I didn't notice the woman approaching me.

"You alright there, dear?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin, realizing that she was standing only a few feet away from me.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine."

I you call being kidnapped 'fine' then sure.
"You don't look fine. Come and have a glass of water, I'm sure you'll feel better," she said as she took a hold of my wrist and lead me to sit on a stool behind a kitchen counter while getting a glass.

"No, really, I should..." I started, standing back up but she gut me off.

"Xavier! Xander! Could you come down to the kitchen, please?"

Not more than five seconds later you could hear two sets of footsteps running down the stairs. And then frantic voices which I knew too well called out.

"Mom! Have you seen our mate? She wasn't in our bedroom where we left her to sleep!"

And then came into view the owners of those voices.

The twins.

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