"I should be in there helping," Bucky finally offered, breaking the heavy silence, but not shifting their focus from you.

"You shouldn't even be here," Tony hissed.

"I might be the best shot that they have to getting this out of her head. If they could somehow figure out how she did this in the first place-"

"This is your fault, so your best shot is to stay the hell away from her."

"Tony, it's not Bucky's fault, it's mine." Steve shot a quick glance at Bucky before hesitantly pushing himself away from the wall, slowly crossing the small room to take a stand at the window with Stark. "I asked her to do this, so it's on me."

"Is that supposed to make me like your old war buddy somehow? Trying to make me believe that he had absolutely nothing at all to do with this? Like he didn't willingly let her into his fucked up brain?" Tony spat, finally turning away from watching you to direct his rage. "Yeah, that makes me feel so much better, thanks. We're totally BFF's now. It's all I can do to not rush over there and start braiding his hair."

"Hey, she has responsibility in this too."

"I know that."

"You sure don't act like it."

"Hold on," Tony paused, lifting a hand to halt him, "how is this now about me? I'm here to try to fix this convoluted swirl of shit that you two have gotten her into. I'm not the bad guy in this, for once."

"No one said that you were, Tony-"

"The only bad guy in this room is me," Bucky interrupted quietly with his gaze cast to the floor, "and the only one who can make this right is me. I never wanted to hurt her, Mr. Stark, I swear. I know that you don't believe me, and maybe you have no reason to, but it doesn't make it any less true. I'll do whatever's asked of me to fix this, and I'll take those memories back in a heartbeat if I can." Bucky stopped and raised his head with his eyes wide, as if his mind were suddenly flooded with an idea, "wait, do you think she can do that? Do you think she can just...put them back?"

"I'm gonna guess that's a no, genius, or they would have mentioned it by now."

"Hey, I'm trying, alright?" Bucky groaned, returning his focus to the floor. "You feel just fine throwing out the blame, but you won't give me a chance to do right. I can't win with you."

"No, you can't," Tony snarled, turning back to watch you again, but when he looked back, you weren't there. "Hey, where'd she go? Great, I turn my back for one goddamn second..." He threw his hands up in complete frustration and stormed off towards the door, throwing it open with a loud bang against the wall as he bounded out into the corridor to find someone with an answer for him. Frantically looking in each direction for anyone to yell at, he found the one person that he felt could be the best target of them all. "Fury! Hey, hold up!"


"Where did you take (Y/N)?"

"She needs to sleep."

"She needs to sleep?"

"Did I stutter?"

It was so hard for him to not retaliate immediately, but thankfully he had a flash of insight and realized that if he had, the odds of Fury telling him where you were would shatter and he'd be back at nothing. He took a deep breath, painfully slowly exhaling away his urge to scream at the man, "okay...let me try this again. Could you please tell me where (Y/N) is? I would really like to see her, if you wouldn't mind...helping me."

"Son of a bitch," Nick gasped, "you really are gone, aren't ya?"

"Nick, come on."

Fury furrowed his brow as he considered his options; Phil had told him that you never answered the question of if you wanted to see Tony or not, but it was clear to him that there was something undeniable between you. You had to be feeling so alone right now, with your mind beginning to fail and having everyone treating you like a broken science experiment, so maybe seeing Stark would be just what you needed. On the other hand, it might be a terrible idea, given the Soldier memories that were coming to life inside of you, and no way to know how you would react.

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