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By the time you reached Leipzig, the battle between your friends, your family, was well underway. It was hard for you to distinguish teams though, as there were so many insular battles happening within the whole of the fight, that it was hard to track just where the loyalty lines were drawn. Maria had brought you in as close as she could get you safely, her vehicle taking a descent hit when a truck barreled through the air and landed in a massive fireball only a few feet away.

"Are you kidding me right now?" you hollered out to her over the chaos, with her in the driver's seat next to you. "This isn't just some argument! They look like they're actually trying to kill each other!"

"You need to get out there! Get someone to see that you're still alive, it's the best shot we've got!" she yelled back while trying to maintain control. "Get Steve to see you! He can stop anyone on his side! Make sure that Tony knows you're here!" She brought the truck to a quick stop when she saw Iron Man land just beyond where the flames had erupted, pointing you towards him and waiting for you to jump out before getting herself out of the line of fire.

"Was this a part of the plan?" Natasha asked Tony as he lifted her from the ground, bringing her up to stand at his side.

"Well my plan was to go easy on them, you wanna switch it up?"


"(Y/N)?" he called back, in complete shock at the sight of you. "What the hell are you doing here? You were supposed to be with Hill, where it's safe. You're not supposed to be here. Who even told you where we were?"

"(Y/N)?" Natasha practically squealed, but her voice began to falter and her attempt at surprise only ended up sounding like a pitiful whimper that deteriorated into almost nothing. "You''re alive? How...?"

"I can't explain that right now, Nat, I'm sorry," you deflected, keeping your focus on Stark. "Tony, is this why you disappeared? You and Steve are fighting? You have to stop this before someone gets really hurt."

"Dammit, (Y/N), you're not supposed to be here," he repeated, this time to himself in a low growl, looking around urgently for any threat that could be headed your way. "I want you out of here, now." Tony reached out and wrapped an arm around you to lift you from the ground, but before he could take flight, he got a call from Rhodes that Steve's team was making a run for the jet; he was torn between his two duties, but one had to take precedence. "Stay here until I can get back," he commanded, releasing you and grabbing Nat's hand, taking flight and heading towards the tarmac.

"Like hell I will," you argued, breaking into a run towards his destination. There were scattered fires in every direction, and sirens blared around you in a deafening pitch; the airport had become the Avenger's personal battle field and they were wasting no time at all in shredding it. You ran as fast as you could, and even with your best effort, as you reached the line that had been drawn between them, the two groups were beginning to move towards each other. You didn't know if you could make a difference, but you had to try. "Stop!"

Wanda turned first, her crying gasp stopping Steve in his tracks. Sam couldn't stifle his laugh of delight at the sight of you, and Clint decided that no matter how the fight would play out, he couldn't continue one second more without making contact with you to be sure that you were real.

"(Y/N)?" Steve choked out, jogging up to you. "Oh my god, they told us...they said you were dead...that they found your body..."

"Steve, please, you have to stop this," you urged, ignoring his shock. "Nothing can be so bad that this is the way to handle it. Nothing can be so bad that it can't be forgiven. No matter what's come between you and Tony, it can be fixed, right?"

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