#1 ~ Nameless

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She tried to fit in
But some people just don't
They were born to stand out
To shine like stars
To make you stare
As if they were a rainbow
On a never ending journey

Some rainbows shy away
From the rainfall
But it hits them anyway
Making them brighter
More vivid

She was a ghost
But gradually became a rainbow
The rain kept falling
And she learnt not to hide
To embrace life

But life throws rocks sometimes
And she fell down hard
Struggling to embrace it
When she was under attack

Pillow wet with tears
Eyes red
She was just a girl
Her hope shot
She began to slip away

Before she could go
She remembered how much
She had left to do
She had yet to live
Perhaps the best gift
Was to know your heart was beating

It may beat for another one day
But it should always beat for you
And she nearly stopped hers
Because she failed
At carrying the weight of the world


Some original work of mine alas! I know I've got a fanfiction currently being updated pretty much daily but I've been writing a new original story of mine, an adventure in itself but its so worth it. So aside from that I've actually not written much new original stuff, except for these poems. Poems suddenly started to take a hold in me and now I've got quite a few haha, thought you may like to read them. It's always nice to leave comments, and I'd love to see what you guys interpret my poems to be telling, as we all infer different things from them.

What I can say is this poem is dedicated to everyone out there in this world who is struggling with something, and is fighting a battle everyday, a battle no one else knows but them. You're strong and not alone, if you ever wanna talk DM me on here or on twitter.

So any questions or you wanna chat DM me or follow me on twitter @eloisethewriter as I'm fairly active on twitter and will reply! Love ya for reading this.

- Chloe (aka Hayley Ryan)

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