Look at you now...

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I have a strong voice

But nobody seems to hear

While I scream your name

In an unbroken fear

But it still doesn't surprise me otherwise,

How this was supposed

A broken promise

In this sea of broken glass                                                                       

The card has been played,

So no coming back’s

You and your little gig have already died

So how’s life treating you?

With all of your unforgiving lies!

 Yes, I know how it feels,

 But I won’t be giving you ANY advice

So run along, don’t look back

The pain you made won’t be helping you out

Look at you now,

Just don't ask me ''How?''

You know what you did,

With all of your unforgiving lies

Now you pay the price...

How funny it was,

How I was always at your side

Now I write my own stories

And you aren’t the villain

Nor with your ideas nor promises

With inventions that fly

So this is goodbye

I know you'll find someone ''else''

I've got no problem with that

I can fight my own battles since you were always the accuser,

Pointing at me with your greasy hand

So this story ends right HERE

Right now in these last lines

I won’t be coming back

Since I’m already leaving your side…..

You behind my back

Wondering why I ever leaved your maddening life

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