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In the eyes of many, Saru Sumiyaya is an antisocial college dropped out, others even called her a sociopath—but the truth is she doesn't really care at all. One day her mother called to tell her that Sari, her twin sister, is already dead. Without hesitations, she flew back in their hometown.

She's reminiscing the past in Sari's room with disbelief, until she found a dusty blue notebook; it even has Polaroid photographs and sketches. At first she thought its Sari's diary but Saru knew it's not when she saw the word at the last page of the notebook, 'kahimanawari'. She realized that all of those stories written are not true but only fantasies and desires of Sari.

Before the news scatter about her twin's death, Saru decided to stay for a while as Sari. She wanted to fulfill her sister's wishes by turning those stories into reality. Pero hindi lang doon nagtatapos ang lahat, habang tumatagal, unti-unti niyang natutuklasan ang katotohanan.

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