Drifting Part 1.

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As soon as the concert ended we walked back stage and saw Y/n smiling and thanking everyone. She smiled and opened her arms making me smile and run and jump in them. She was sweaty but I didn't care. I kissed her face over and over again making her chuckle.

Y/n:"I'm guessing you liked my performance"She said making me pull away and nod and kiss her lips.

Hailey:"I loved it and I love you"I said making her chuckle and kiss my lips biting it a little.

Y/n:"I love you to baby"She said making me smile and peck her lips once more before she put me down. Everyone walked over to her and pulled her in for hugs telling her how amazing she did cause she did.

Zayn:"You know I really loved the last song"He said making me blush and Y/n chuckle and wrapped her arms around my waist and kiss my neck. She looked at them and smirked.

Y/n:"Me to"She said making me blush even more. She chuckled and kissed my cheek till I pushed her away playfully"I'm gonna go change"She said making us nod. She tugged my shirt and gave me a small smile making me nod and follow her.

Bella:"Guys make it fast we're hungry"She said making Y/n chuckle along with all of them.

Abel'"And just cause you get to eat Y/n doesn't mean you can starve the rest of us"He said making Y/n wink at them and pull me in the dressing room and kiss my lips.

Y/n:"I've been dying to that the whole time I was performing"She said making me hum and kiss her neck.

Hailey:"You always had ways with your words"I said making her chuckle and pull away.

Y/n:"I love you"She said leaning her forehead against mines. I smiled and kissed her nose.

Hailey:"I love you too baby"I said making her smile and kiss my lips. She pulled away and sighed.

Y/n:"Let me change and get ready before they kill us"She said making me laugh and nod. She changed and walked out with me following her. They were all talking and looked at us raising their eyebrows.

Zayn:"That fast"He said making me blush and Y/n chuckle.

Y/n:"Nah...I'm saving it for later"She said making them chuckle and the girls roll their eyes. We drove to Nobu and sat down and ordered our food and started talking.

Kendall:"Im so excited for the MET gala...."She said making us all nod. I frowned a little making them all look at me.

Gigi:"What's wrong?"She asked making the guys look at me.

Hailey:"I'm not that excited for it"I said making them all frown. Y/n sighed and kissed my head and looked at them.

Y/n:"I was suppose to attend the gala with her but I have to go to London to meet with Little Mix for our songs and I'm leaving two days before the Gala"I said making them all frown.

Gigi:"Zayn's not gonna be there as well...maybe we can go together"She said trying to cheer me up. I nodded and gave them a small smile. Y/n kissed my cheek making them awe.

Y/n:"I don't have to be there to know that my girlfriend will absolutely stunning even if she showed up in sweats"She said making me blush and the rest of them awe.

Kylie:"Always the charmer Y/n/n"She said making Y/n smile and peck my lips. I gave her a small smile making her frown.

Y/n:"Babe...."She said making me nod. She frowned and kissed my nose"Smile"She said making me sigh.

Hailey:"Babe I'm not in the mood"I said making her frown even more. Everyone looked at us curiously while Y/n was lost looking at me. She leaned forward and kissed my lips till I couldn't hold back my smile anymore.

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