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Years ago, Shravan teaching Algebra to Sumo.

Shravan's POV.

This girl is freaking mad!

"What have you written?" I glared at Sumo as she sat in front of me looking bored.

"Formula Shravan." She said is a 'duh' tone making it sound I am the dumb one. "Algebra formula."

She is impossible.

"Sumo it is a+ b whole square not cat + dog-" I started to say only to be interrupted mid sentence .

"Why does it have to be a+ b? Why cannot it be something else?" She said narrowing her eyes at me.

"It does not have to be only a+b Sumo but while learning the formula it is simpler if we use alphabets." I said, fighting a losing battle with patience.

"Who says so? I find it easier to learn with animal names." She said stubbornly.

"Sumo this does not look like an algebra note book! It look more like a Circus's roll call sheet." I snapped angrily looking at the page in front of me.

Elephant X monkey, Ant – Zebra!

"This is ridiculous!" I said pushing the copy away from me feeling disgusted.

"You are just showing off because Principal Sir asked you to help me." She glared at me. "I am letting you teach me only because he forced me to."

Thankless creature! She behaves as though she is doing a favour to me by taking my help.

"I am not interested in teaching you either. I am also doing it because I have to!" I retorted.

Before she could say anything the door to the room opened.

"Is your student troubling you again?" Priya aunty Sumo's mother said as she entered the room ith a tray of Sandwiches and chips..

I smiled at her. She is really nice and a warm person and I really like her.

"I am not!" Sumo responded before I could. "He is the one bullying me."

"Who is bullying my little princess?" Sumo's father asked laughing as he entered the room.

"Shravan is." Sumo said as she got up and ran upto him and he opened his arms to hug her and plant a kiss on her forehead.

Priya Aunty chuckled at the scene shaking her head. She placed a plate of cheese Sandwich and chips in front of me. "Eat first. You can continue teaching my brat of a daughter later." She said smiling at me.

"Thank you aunty." I said smiling at her.

"You are most welcome." She laughed ruffling my hair gently.

"I am not a brat! He is the show off-" Sumo started to protest but uncle stopped her.

"Suman that is not how you are supposed to behave." He gently reprimanded "He is helping you. Say Thank you to him instead of fighting with him."

"But Papa-"

"Suman-" Uncle shook his head disapprovingly.

"Thank you Shravan." Sumo said pouting and sounding disgruntled.

"You are welcome." I said shrugging my shoulder in slight victory.

Uncle and Aunty went out of the room after than smiling at both of us.

Sumo glared at me as she sat down and pushed her pencil box with more force than needed and it fell down on the floor. She groaned and bent to pick it up.

What happened next was more of a shock that surprise. She seemed tom lose her balance and her chair toppled making her fall.

Oh crap! I thought as the chair followed her with a crash. I got up in a rush to help her.

"Are you all right?" I asked crouching beside her and extended my hand. She hit my hand away and sat up and lifted her elbow checking it.

Oh shit! She has hurt herself I swore silently as I saw her broken skin showing blood. She ignored me as she blew on the wound in her attempt to reduce the pain. I could see she is trying hard to hold back her tears.

Seeing her sitting on the floor nursing her wound seemed to melt something in my heart. I smiled softly. She is a nice girl I thought. I think I like her.

She looked up just then "Are you laughing at me because I fell down?" She asked me giving me a suspicious look.

I shook my head as I reached into my pocket and took out my handkerchief. "Let me help you." I said softly looking into her eyes.

Suman's POV.

He is laughing at me! How dare he?

"Let me help you." he said softly and took out a white handkerchief from his pocket.

I eyed at the handkerchief.

"What happened?" he asked sounding confused as he looked at it.

"Why do guys always have a white hanky? It happens all the time in the movies." I said.

He pushed back his head and laughed. Not a bad kind of laughter but a genuinely amused one. I felt my own lips tug into a smile.

"So you think I am like a movie's hero?" He asked his eyes twinkling as he helped me up and lifted the chair.

"I did not say that!" I said immediately and he chuckled softly.

"I don't mind if the heroine is as pretty as you are." He said with a wink as he wiped the dust on wound with his hanky.

I sucked in my breath. Instead of getting angry somehow this made my heartbeat rate increase..

"You think I am pretty?" I asked him.

"Pretty and feisty." He grinned at me and I could not help but smile back

"Where is the first aid box?" He asked and I pointed at a shelf quietly.

I looked at him quietly as he attended to my wound carefully and gently.

He is nice. I think I like him.


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