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I will be brutally honest in this chapter.

Girls, when your parents ask you stay away from boys, don't over hype their words. I know they are too severe when it comes to your friendship with the other sex but please don't, and I mean don't, take their words as a challenge.

There are only two people in this world in whom you can put your hundred percent trust in: your parents. Not your chacha, mama, bua, best friend, BFF, boyfriend not even your cousins. They ask you to do something because they have seen enough of this world to know what's wrong and what's right for you.

I will tell you about something. A girl (not really close to me, we just met on some occasions and I was young at that time) passed JEE(main) with good marks, even higher than her best friend. Her best friend grew jealous. He called her to his place with an excuse of a study session and she agreed (she trusted him a lot plus he had roommates so she thought she was safe). He drugged her. The drugs messed up her brains. She got a brain damage. Now she stays at home with a mind which forgets too easily and at times grows too violent.

A girl (really close to me) confessed that one of her cousin touches her in a wrong way. She even confessed that one of her distant relative sent her flirty messages.

My friends, their heads wrapped up in romance in the 10th grade, are now struggling for admissions.

When your parents say something along the lines of "it's not America" they are right. Compare the study course of America and India, compare the beliefs, compare the types of people. It's not fucking America.

On one hand you make fun of the whites and on the other hand you try too hard to be them. Take pride in your own country and origin.

Girls struggle harder than the boys in this world. You have to go through that struggle if you don't picture yourself as a housewife cooking food for your kids. Don't wrap yourself in your romantic expectations. Don't put your trust in just anyone. Indians are considered to be one of the smartest people in this world. Don't take a stupid step which can push not only your parents but you too into the ditch of shame.

Be safe.

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