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The Filan Stories

Hi everyone!

Here are one-sentence descriptions of my recent stories. You might want to read them.

Hope you enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

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Married to a Hot Magnate

---Delve into the world where there is no room for cliché romance.

The Ignored Wife (Sequel to Married to a Hot Magnate)

---RideLOVE beyond vagueness and mistrust.

The Empire Series: Vander Lewis

---A heartbreaking story about the aftermath of a teenage marriage, family, love, and forgiveness.

The Empire Series: Von Leandrei

---Love may make or unmake you and it's a decision you have to face.

The Empire Series: Vance Luanne

--- There's nothing you can do about the past except to embrace and learn from it.

The Empire Series: Von Liam

---Heartbreaking...A story you'd wish was never created.

The Empire Series: Vanna Lei (Ongoing)

---Weakness will never be on a woman's vocabulary.


SNEAK PEEK on The Empire Series: Vanna Lei

"Miss Lacy, may bago yatang student," a girl said flipping her hair when Vanna Lei entered the room. She's in a disguise as a college instructor.

Napakunot-noo siya.

The students' eyes flew to the man seated at the back. He's grinning ear to ear. Sumingkit lalo ang mga mata ng binata.

She immediately stepped towards him.

"What are you doing here?" She whispered glaring.

"I was supposed to fetch you but I came an hour early. Can I sit in your class while waiting?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

Ramdam niya ang tinging ipinupukol ng mga estudyante niya at hindi niya iyon nagugustuhan.

Kung puwede lang niya itong hilahin at tadyakan palabas gagawin niya. This is so embarrassing. Some students started teasing and mumbling things while glancing at them.

The man stood up and smiled devilishly. His tiny dimples showed making him look so adorable.

"If you don't like me to sit in your class, I'll kiss you in front of your students," he whispered in her ear. She even had goose bumps at the touch of his hot breath on her skin.

Natatawa itong bumalik sa pagkakaupo nang makita ang reaksyon niya. Bahagya siyang napahiya pero hindi na lang siya nagsalita.

Kung patikimin niya itong flying kick, mahihimatay kaya? She smiled inwardly at her own thoughts.

She felt the urged to hold and press the back of his neck at patulugin na lang ito pero pinigilan niya ang sarili. She's an instructor here, not agent Star. She needs to act normal.

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