You are my miracle

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He was glaring at her again. Lorelei  ignored-at least tried to igonore- the icy cold glare piercing her skull. On the surface, she was calm and cheerful, but her insides were screaming. She wasn't calm on the inside at all.And it was all because of him.

Him as in Worth Caradoc Keefe Miracolo.

Lorei didn't know what she ever did to earn his icy cold look or the hatred in his pale blue eyes. Eyes that made her freeze on the spot. Eyes that seemed to follow her everywhere she went. Eyes that made her stay awake for hours. Lorei simply didn't know why he looked at her like she was a puny maggot that was in his apple. She wasn't even friends with him. Merely acquaintances.  That also becuase of the  connections they had of each other through Marc Joseph Miracolo. Worth's cousin and best mate, a.k.a. Lorei's boyfriend. The same boyfriend who was currently sitting next to her, his arm slung behind her, joking and laughing with the others on the table. 

She was listening and smiling at what her best friend, Danni was telling her, but her mind was else where. Her mind only conjured up faces of Worth. All angry, pissed and moody looking faces of Worth. She tried to swallow the lump that formed in her throat. Why did it ever bother her? Why does her matter so much?

She toyed with her food as she contemplated. Then she heard the most beautiful laughter. Her head snapped up and what she saw devastated her.

Worth was talking to Melinda and she was making him laugh. Melinda, Melinda Bennett, School's most popular girl. Beautiful, smart, rich, what more could u ask for?

Shut up! Lorei said in her head.

Why should i? I'm just saying what you are thinking.

You have no right! Who do you think you are?! she retorted internally.

Your conscience, it replied. She was silent

Look at him. He's laughing at something she said. It continued.

Suddenly, as if he felt it, he snapped up and looked directly at her. For a second, she thought his looked softened. She blinked. He was glaring at her. It was probably the lights. She averted her eyes immediately. She let out s wary sigh. He was still glaring at her.

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