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Ninjas P.O.V

It was early morning, and the ninjas were still sleeping. Their Sensei came into the room and was banging on a gong gong.

"Evil doesn't sleep, and neither should you!" Wu said and banked more on the gong gong.

Kai took his pillow over if face to get rid of the sound. Zane dragged his cover over his head. Jay turned to his side and Cole covered his ears.

"If you wanna reach your full potential, we must spend each day as an opportunity!" Wu continued.

"Okay, okay! We're up! But if you want us to reach our full potential, shouldn't we at least get a full night of rest!?" Kai said and yawned.

He was about to open the blinds to let in the sunlight. But when he did, it fell off. He looked at it surprised. The others began to get up as well.

"You call that rest!? I think my back has more lumps than the mattress!" Cole say and stretches.

"We were up so late, talking about how cool it is to have a new headquarters so I guess we lost track of time." Jay said, taking his toothbrush. He held it under the water faucet. He were too busy talking so he didn't notice that it didn't come water but sand from it. " Since the serpentin burned down the monastery I'm just glad we have a roof over our heads--" Jay said and began to cough. He spitted out the sand from his mouth.

"What is our lesson today Sensei? Mastering the strength of the scorpion? Or perhaps the greater--Woah!" Zane said until he fell and got stuck in the floor. He coughed a little, and the other ninjas came to his side.

"I think today's lesson will be chores" Sensei Wu said.

"Chores?!" The ninjas say together. 

"Ninjas fight sensei, they don't clean!" Cole say to Wu.

"In order to respect ourselves, we must respect our new home and where we are from. For this place, is a long way from becoming a ninja headquarters. I expect things to be spotless when I return, and put your backs into it!" Their sensei say and walks out of the room.

The ninjas watch their sensei leave,and Cole helps Zane up from the floor. (literally) 

"Urgh! This place is gonna take forever to clean and fix up!" Kai said.

"Unless we put MORE than our backs into it!" Jay said mysteriously.

____Timeskipp____ (cuz I'm lazy again)

Sensei Wu and Nya entered the ninjas room, where they was sitting and playing a video game.

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