Chapter Fifty Four

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Was as big and beautiful as I'd imagined it. It was great! A big campus and the best art professors one could ever have.

The day we had arrived, Kadij gave my mother and I a little apartment on campus. It was perfect! There was a little living room, a kitchen, two rooms and a main bathroom big enough for two. I was so happy with my new surrounding.

Immediately we settled, I prepared for work and the next day, I started classes along with the other students. Now was my chance to show that I was a good artist and I deserved to be known.


Two years passed away as fast as possible. A lot of things happened during that period. I'd ameliorated my drawing and painting skills, and plus, I was one of the best students in class. I'd been serious and objective from day one. No time for new friends. I was always on my own, working as hard as ever.

Of course I'd remained in contact with Yazz, Rick and Lucas. I'd not seen them for two good years but at least we still chatted and face timed each other.

Rick had graduated a long time ago and had moved to Germany where he settled with his family and found a good job. I was clearly happy for him. We remained close.

Lucas too was going to be graduating in some weeks to come. I still had a few months to graduate. I was so happy for them though. As for Yazz, I missed her so much. I sent her some money from time to time for her mother and herself.

As for Kadij, she was great. She took care of my mother and I, providing us with the necessities we needed.


"You have to be able to bring out the best of your creativity. Your potential." our teacher said, "It's this last event that'll determine whether you are a true artist or not."

We sat in class listening to Mr Laurent. Months and time had passed by. We were soon going to graduate. But ours was gonna be a little different. We would be given our diplomas yes, and the next day, two of each students best paintings or drawings would be hung in one of Kadij's galleries in Chicago.

All the works were gonna be auctioned away to rich and known people of the high class. From different parts of the world.

The works would be sold off to the highest bidders. The first five students whose works would be bought at the highest of prices would be given all acknowledgements and officially be introduced to the world as professional artists in the ceremony organised a week after the auction.
I had to do my best!

What I loved about it was the fact that every one of us had nothing to lose. Even if you did not come out among the first five, you would gain money from those who bought your works and would now have a diploma and certificate to become an artist of your own and open your gallery. No one had nothing to lose! But still, I had to strive for the best. I had to do my best to make it up to the first five. I couldn't let such an opportunity pass me by.


"Hello, baby?" Lucas's warm voice said. I smiled to myself. We'd not spoken that much recently because of all the work I had to do in preparation for my graduation and the upcoming auction ceremony.

"Hey, Lu. You sound sleepy."

"Yup. Just got up."

"And you decided to call me, immediately?"

"Yes. When was the last time I spoke to you? Weeks ago."

"True. I'm so happy you graduated successfully. We could've celebrated together if I was still over there."

"I know right. I miss you terribly."

"Always so sweet aye? So, did you get back with Brianna?" I teased.

"The hell? Not in this life nor in a second."

"Hahahaha. So how's it been? Any girlfriend? Crush? How were your two last years in Greenwill."

"They were okay. Managed to make it through."

"Okay. So are you searching for a job now? Or you'll do further studies?"

"None of the above for the moment. I sent those pics of mine to a modeling enterprise. Still waiting for them to call me back."

"That's great! Um Lu, you know that auctioning I told you about?"


"And the second ceremony, a week after that?"

"Uh huh?"

"Would you by any means be able to make it?"

"To the ceremony?"


"Uh, honey I'm not sure about that."


"I have an uncle who's getting married on the same day. My mom's brother. She really wants me to attend. I'm sorry. I would've really loved to come meet you."

It hurt that he wasn't going to make it. I'd called Rick earlier to invite him but his job wouldn't permit him.

"Oh um, it's okay then."

"You sure? It's not me."

"It's fine, Luke. Don't worry. We'll probably meet some other time."

"Yeah. I gotta hang up now."


"You sound disappointed. Don't be, please."

"It's fine. Don't worry."

I heard him sigh.

"Okay. I love you. Bye."

"Bye, bye."

We both hung up. I couldn't lie that I was disappointed. The fact that Rick had admitted not being able to attend the ceremony did not hurt me as much as Lucas's reason. I'd really wanted Lucas to be able to make it.

I got my cardboard, pencil and paint brushes, ready to paint the works I'd be sending off to Chicago for the auction.
The days were fast approaching. In a week's time, I would be graduating and next day would be the auctioning. I hoped for the best.

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