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Third person P.O.V

Wu was meditating in his room. The ninjas was making noise, what their sensei thought was them playing video games. He putted his old flute back on its place in a casket. He then walked over to where the ninja used to play, but no one was there. The tv wasn't even on. This time sensei Wu walked to where the ninjas should be training. Which they was doing today.

Jay was training with his nun-chuck making it swing around. Cole was trying to beat the steeplechase course. Kai was training his spinjitzu, and Zane was meditating. All of sudden Zane got up and began to jump everywhere. In front of Jay so he lost focus, next to Cole taking his scythe and slice a bit from the steeplechase course, which made Cole confused. Then Zane did his spinjitzu. Spinning around, freezing where he just had been and everything else. Kai fell of Zane's ice while doing spinjitzu. Kai, Cole and Jay was pissed off at Zane, doing everything without seeing them.

"This roof isn't big enough for the four of us!" Kai said pissed off.

"Correction, this roof isn't big enough for him" Cole righted Kai

"It's like his in his own world. I bet he can even HEAR us!" Jay said saying the last part higher so that Zane should hear him.

Zane did not. He just threw his shuriken and kicked the air. Sensei came to the three others.

"Sensei, Zane's... Weird!" Kai said.

"What is weird? Someone who is different or someone who's different from you?" Sensei asked.

"No sensei! He's weird, weird." Cole said, then telling about himself sitting on the toilet reading.

Zane came in without noticing Cole and brushed his hair. Jay told about him and Nya watching a love movie while crying. Zane was laughing and holding his stomach. Kai told about himself at the morning, about to get breakfast. He opened the fridge, in the fridge Zane was sitting, just about to eat a sandwich. Zane said: "I'm sorry, I consumed the last of the deli meat. Cheese?" while holding a slice of cheese in hand.

Wu looked at Zane, who was bowing to a "fight doll" (I don't know what it's called) and hit his head on it.

"We like the guy, he is really smart, he's just... a Little off.. some times." Kai said.

"Zane is our brother. And Brothers are often different. I should know..." Their sensei said.

While the ninjas was talking to their sensei, the mailman was making his way to the door. When he reached the door and clicked the doorbell, it sounded so high that it scared the mailman.

"Mail!" Cole, Kai and Jay shouted when they heard it.

The mailman delivered the mail he had to the red, blue and black ninja. Cole ran away with his package to his dragon. Zane was looking a bit sad. Jay saw that and said:

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