chapter 12

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•[[[SARAHS POV]]]•

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I sloppily threw my hand to the night stand and pick up my phone without checking for caller ID, I knew it was Taylor.

"hey" I said while yawning.

"hey! go outside and there's a path you're going to follow okay??" he said excitedly.

"I just woke up, I'll hurry okay?" I blinked quickly a few times so i would feel more awake.

"okay hurry!! love you!!!"

"mhmmm" I said and hung up.

I didn't really know what to wear so I decided to just wear white abercrombie shorts and a navy blue long sleeve shirt that showed a tiny but of my stomach, then I out on Van socks with peach colored converse high tops. I applied mascara, and eye liner. i didn't really need anything on my skin since my acne cleared up. I quickly straighten my hair.

I grabbed my phone off my night stand and ran out the door, I didn't bother eating anything. I then sent a text to Taylor:

to: Taylor❤️

hey, i just left. where do i go?

from: Taylor ❤️

just follow the path baby girl.

to: Taylor❤️


I began to follow a path of rose pedals, it was VERY long. after a while i noticed i was going to end up at the lake near my house, we'll not near but that's okay. I could use some fresh air. just then, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID, it was my school. shit.. I forgot to call them. I put together my best fake cough and answered the phone.

"hello?" I asked, coughing at the end.

"Hi, Sarah. this is Mrs. Marie, the school secretary. Anyways, you have an unexcused absence today, can you tell me why?"

i coughed before I could answer, "yes, my parents left early this morning while i was asleep and when I woke up I didn't feel well so I tried to call my parents but they are on a 16 hour flight so I couldn't contact them so I decided to stay home, I just forgot to call." I lied, I was pretty good at it.

"Oh, okay. I understand. have a nice day!" she said and hung up quickly.

after the conversation I tucked my phone in my back pocket and I arrived to the lake, the path of roses continued down to the end of a dock, at the end stood Taylor. I ran up to him and jumped in his arms, "I love you Taylor!" I yelled.

" I love to too baby girl" he said and pecked me on the lips, I loved when he called me baby girl.

he put me down and got on one knee, like he was proposing or something.

" I believe i never properly asked you, but sarah, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked and flashed his smile that made me melt.

"yes!" I shouted as I hugged him.

he hugged me back and then pulled away, after that he grabbed a box out of his pocket and opened it, it was a ring.

"this is a promise ring, I promise I will love you through any situation."

he slipped the ring on my left hand, I looked at it. it had beautiful pink jewels on it, it always had 'I will love you forever and always" engraved in it.

"oh my gosh taylor! its beautiful!" i told him.

"just like you" he winked.

I laughed at him, he was so cheesy. "thank you so much taylor!"

"anything for you" he told me.

I then kissed him with so much passion, nothing could feel more perfect right now. I wish I could stay in this moment forever.

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